Anastasia Rollin

Selected by Miriam Winsor

University: University for the Creative Arts, Farnham

Artist StatementWhat are you made of is a photographic documentation of women working within strong and unique job roles. Anastasia’s intentions are to show women that they are capable of achieving anything they wish, and should not be held back due to societies expectations or because of their gender.

This work is important to Anastasia as she herself has been the victim of sexist comments, both in the workplace but also in public; Such as being under-estimated at the gym whilst lifting weights, due to stereotypes that ‘girls shouldn’t be lifting weights’.

Anastasia’s work aims to empower women no matter what their job is, showing that just because they are female they should not hold back their abilities or dreams. The images all give direct contact to the viewer, asking them the question ‘what are you made of?’ prompting the viewers to ask themselves; What are they capable of achieving.

Images from the series  What are you made of

Images from the series What are you made of