Andreea Teleaga

Initially I was intrigued by the distressed patches of white across these images. The voids created by the erasing of the surface demand the viewer to question why and look a little deeper. It was good to read about Andreea’s thought process and development of her project, including her inclusion of the negatives on display. Her literal approach to visually translating the complexities of the socio-political narrative behind her work is brave and effective in creating these charged photographs. 

Images from the series   ERASED

Images from the series ERASED

Alastair Bartlett

Alastair Bartlett’s landscapes are powerful in their ability to transport you to the place depicted. The subtlety and tone is indeed key and the crisp detail drives the senses to engage with the images beyond looking; you feel that frosty grass and misty air. In keeping with the subtleties of our memories, especially those formed when growing up, as reflected in the Sandlings series, the images offer understated yet maturely crafted scenes. I also enjoyed reading Bartlett’s honest perceptions on making work after graduation.

Images from the series  Sandlings

Images from the series Sandlings

Freya Najade

What strikes me about Freya Najade’s imagery is her clearly strong eye for framing and composition together with a diversity in her selected content. Considering the Jazorina project, each image is independent in subject and equally inviting, yet in series they all sing together as one to convey a coherent document of a social landscape. Her use of colour is aesthetically rich and consistent. I enjoyed looking for the narrative within as she united these traces of the location’s history with the contemporary scenario through sophisticated presentations of contrasts.

Cyrill   from the series   Jazorina

Cyrill from the series Jazorina

Wolves   from the series   Jazorina

Wolves from the series Jazorina