Billie Blossom

Selected by Luke Archer

University: University of East London

Artist Statement: Being visibly queer has always been a brave thing to be, and being a sex worker on top of that invokes further marginalization - not least because you are those things, but also because you have the gall to be celebrating it. 

Shot entirely on film and hand-processed, these photographs were taken on the set of queer porn shoots, in performer’s homes and work spaces, and communicate the casual intimacy and brave vulnerability that exists in this community.

Beyond the portraits being nude, the sitters weren’t directed in their bodies or expressions, instead let to fall into however they wanted to be presented - confrontational, sexual, thoughtful.

As part of a group of people who’re as politicised as queer porn makers, everything you make in the public sphere becomes both personal and political – these performers challenge assumptions about what kind of bodies & acts are “marketable” or desirable, and straddle the lines between porn, art and activism.

01 - Carmina at the Porn Film Festival, Kreuzberg, Berlin.jpg
05 - Ingrid Mouth in their home:studio, East Los Angeles.jpg
09 - Casey V & Lux Lives, Santa Monica, Los Angeles.jpg
12 - Chelsea during filming, North London.jpg
Images from the series  Queer Porn Portraits

Images from the series Queer Porn Portraits