Exploration and Investigation - Subterranean Arts Gallery, Ipswich.


Exploration and Investigation, a collaborative exhibition created between Pop My Mind and ourselves, runs until 18th November. Open Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm.


26 October – 5 November 2017

pic.london announces a new photography festival in London. pic.london brings emerging and established artists together with the public to engage in thinking and talking about photography.

• pic.london opens with an exhibition featuring John Hilliard, Barbara Probst, Darren Harvey-Regan and Thomas Ruff.

• Screenings of the first ten films the Lumière Brothers showed to the public in 1895, at Close-Up Cinema.

• Aggie Toppins philosophically inspired cocktails are served at the Critical Cocktail Party.

• A collection of artefacts, objects and teaching aides gathered from the office of an unknown Professor of Photography spanning the last 30 years are the basis for the immersive exhibition, The Professor’s Office.

• Affordable, accessible artworks, books and zines are on sale at the Art Flea Market.

Barbara Probst, Exposure #49: N.Y.C., 555 8th Avenue, 05.21.07, 4:02 p.m., 2007 Courtesy Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London

Barbara Probst, Exposure #49: N.Y.C., 555 8th Avenue, 05.21.07, 4:02 p.m., 2007

Courtesy Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London

pic.london brings together artists from across the world, at different stages of their careers to present a large scale exhibition in Ambika P3 and Gallery S O, an art flea market, an immersive installation, a series of public panels, discussions and critiques, exploring questions like “what does it mean to work in the arts and photography?”, examining every aspect of photography as an art form.

The brainchild of artist and educator Rakesh Mohindra and artist and writer Yuxin Jiang, who met at The University of Westminster, pic.london has been devised to celebrate the photographic arts and introduce new ideas about photography to a public audience who enjoy photography daily through their phones and social media, and asks them to think about it differently.

John Hilliard, Off Screen (5), 1999 Courtesy the artist, and Richard Saltoun Gallery

John Hilliard, Off Screen (5), 1999

Courtesy the artist, and Richard Saltoun Gallery

The weeklong exhibition will showcase work from established artists like Thomas Ruff and Barbara Probst while also providing a platform for artists at earlier stages of their career like Miki Soejima and Jorge Luis Dieguez.

Across the city, Gallery SO will be the east London hub of pic.london, home to The Professor’s Office, a mini library where visitors can explore books, papers, objects and curiosities, taken from the office of a mysterious Professor which tell the story of a life teaching photographic arts.

Davide Maione, ...and his neck from To a Place I can’t Pronounce, 2011 Courtesy the artist

Davide Maione, ...and his neck from To a Place I can’t Pronounce, 2011

Courtesy the artist

Close-Up Cinema, pic.london’s film programme partner, will be screening a series of historic and recent avant-garde films including Letter to Jane by Jean-Luc Godard and La Jetée by Chirs Marker as part of a film programme that explores the long standing and complex relationship between photography and film.

pic.london opens and closes with a critical cocktail party. Using Graphic Designer Aggie Toppins' books of Critical Theory Cocktails which match traditional cocktails with philosophical thinkers and authors and devises new cocktails to represent their ideas, pic.london will be serving guests critical cocktails to encourage critical and conceptual thinking of photographic arts.

Miki Soejima, The Passenger’s Present, 2016 Courtesy the artist

Miki Soejima, The Passenger’s Present, 2016

Courtesy the artist

Throughout the festival there will be a series of events including a panel discussion on careers in the photographic arts, and a talk on the relationship between theory and practice as well as group critiques where artists put their work forward for peer review.

The festival closes with The Art Flea Market, bringing together artists, publishers, makers and designers in Ambika P3 to present an art fair offering people the opportunity to buy affordable works of art, books and zines.

pic.london events:

Sat Oct 28, 10:00 - 18:00
Symposium: Does Photography Need Theory? A Discussion
Speakers: Daniel C. Blight, Christopher Kul-Want, Nina Mangalanayagam, Sarah Pickering, Lucy Soutter, Duncan Wooldridge.
Lunch included

Sun Oct 29, 13:00 - 15:00
Group Critiques
Get feedback from Anthony Luvera, Bindi Vora, Katja Mayer, David Blackmore plus peer review.

Sun Oct 29, 15:30 - 17:00
FREE Printing and Framing Workshop
Presented by mounting and framing expert Will Mawby from A.Bliss and printing specialist Graeme Bulcraig from Touch Digital.

Mon Oct 30, 19:00 - 21:00
Panel Discussion: What Does it Mean to Work in Art Photography?
Chaired by David Campany (writer, curator, artist), joined by Nick Kaplony (Artquest), Lewis Chaplin (artist and book designer) and Katy Barron (Senior Director of Michael Hoppen Gallery).
With post-talk drinks

Thurs Nov 2, 19:00 - 21:00
Artists Talks
Featuring John Hilliard and Darren Harvey-Regan
With post-talk drinks

Fri Nov 3, 19:00 - 21:00
Artists Talks
Featuring Eva Stenram, Inès Lion and Miki Soejima
With post-talk drinks

Exploration and Investigation

We've been busy working alongside the Pop My Mind team recently, planning for an exhibition which opens next week at Subterranean Arts Gallery in Ipswich!

We begun the process with selected images from Photograd which Pop My Mind users made work in response to. The result is a collection of photography, painting, music, and more.

Our Private View takes place on Thursday 26th October at Subterranean Arts Gallery, St.Peter's Street, Ipswich, 5:30 - 7:30pm. The exhibition is then open Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm, until 18th November.

Free entry
Free wine, soft drinks, and nibbles
Live artwork being made in the space
A wide variety of photography, art, and music!

We really hope to see some of you there!

Here's some of the work being exhibited from photographers featured on Photograd.

From the series Covering The Carpet by Jocelyn Allen

From the series Covering The Carpet by Jocelyn Allen

Familiar by Karim Skalli

Familiar by Karim Skalli

Stephen Shaw - An Introduction

We recently invited Stephen Shaw to be a regular blog contributor at Photograd as he undertakes his MA in Photography at Lancaster University. In this post Stephen introduces us to his previous work and talks about his goals for his MA course.

We're looking forward to finding out more about Stephen and his work in his monthly blog posts right here on Photograd.

My name is Stephen Shaw I was raised on Grange Park with my Nan and Granddad, a council estate in Blackpool, nicknamed strange, where one has to mind ones fookin’ back.

I am a published social documentary, photographic artist and experimental writer who has just recently graduated with a first class honors degree in photography at Blackpool and the Fylde College.

The eye of the beholder rarely only sees beauty. If really looking, it will instead see despair, frailty, fear, loss, and a tremendous amount of imperfection. These are the things that I direct my lens towards: the human, the “raw and real” of life and society. I don’t seek to glamorize my subjects or their environment; I observe, assess, calculate and look, with declared empathy, from a distance, which is not only necessary to this photographic genre, but has the value of preserving dignity while maintaining the viewers curiosity for more.

Being passionate in documentary, it is always the little known subcultures on the edges of our society I am drawn to, these excite me, creating a beautiful document from danger is a great attraction. I am a deep constant thinker who always works to a deeply focused highly symbolic narrative within a street/documentary area alongside an ethnographic approach. 

My photographs always contain the unexpected, which I feel is a very important part of a good image and a factor that gives me great satisfaction.

I also always collect artefacts and record live audio with my sitters to increase my knowledge, build a rapport and grow a sense of personal creativity and subject aura that helps to drive me. My current practice researches the photographic representation of social justice and class, alongside social mobility and memorialism within my own environment. It is driven by intimate pain and so far contains four main projects consisting of Queens town. The Last 7. 

This project was focused on the last 7 people living on a recently demolished Blackpool high-rise flats. The images and sound document the way of life of these local inhabitants with a strong narrative of drugs, violence and suicide. 

Images from the series Strange

Images from the series Strange


These images are created in my own environment, Grange Park in Blackpool. It tells a story around its inhabitants regarding lives tragically cut short on the estate with a strong narrative made up of omens, portents and superstition.

Images from the series The Gift

Images from the series The Gift


This is piece of visual recording and storytelling that reaches into the depths of normalcy, certain to find its manifold inversions. With carefully calibrated doses of everydayness and disillusion, The Gift is a story of life and death, of desire and the inability to avoid it; a story of self-destruction brought on by the brutal honesty of repeatedly failed attempts at self-fulfillment.

I empathise with so many aspects of such vulnerability, as it is a personal reflection of myself, my 'black mirror', which I have had to endure.

The Gift photobook

The Gift photobook

I’m now, studying an MA at Central Lancashire University so this is my main concern at the moment. I wish to use it as a platform for a gallery exhibition and zeen publication around the old and new projects I am currently involved in. I am also looking for publishers hoping for my photo books to be published on a larger scale.

Arrival is a new project I am throwing myself into on the MA. It is set in well known train stations and council estates around the UK, I don’t want to give too much away just yet; you could see more on it in the near future and view my work here on my website.

Chris Mear - 'For The Love Of Lettuce'

Staffordshire University graduate Chris Mear has continuously updated us with his work since we featured him on the platform some time ago. You can read his initial Feature here. We've supported Chris along the way with a Spotlight and Instagram Takeover, and would now like to introduce you to his newly completed series of work For The Love Of Lettuce.

At the start of the twentieth century, there were over 150 Market Gardeners in the Parish of Melbourne, South Derbyshire. Over the course of the past century the industry experienced a great rise followed by a steep decline. Now, in the twentieth century, Melbourne has just three Market Gardening families who are continuing to survive and thrive. Over the summer of 2017 I shadowed the work of these remaining family businesses. 

For The Love Of Lettuce was exhibited throughout the village during the annual Melbourne Arts Festival in September, 2017. Here are some installation shots.

Photobook Spotlight Submissions


In recognition of the success of our first Photobook Spotlight earlier this year, it will be returning for 2018!

To be considered for the Spotlight please respond to the following points. Contact details are below.

Using no more than 100 words for each, respond to the following:
  • A statement describing your chosen series/photobook, practice, and/or self.
  • What university did you attend and when did you graduate?
  • What is your favourite photobook by another photographer?
Using no more than 150 words for each, respond to the following. Incorporate your own ideas into each heading to express your photobook as you wish.
  • Direction (your route into photography and book making, into publishing or self-publishing, publisher relations, websites, contacts)
  • Considerations (decision to create a book as opposed to prints; paper stock, colours, weight, feel, binding, size, unique qualities: such as hand finishing)
  • Interior (use of images and/or text, layout, introduction and ending)
  • Inspiration (photobooks by others, visual influences, photographers, text/theory)
  • Advice and Future Goals (tips - book making, finding a publisher, being published, helpful websites, links, or reading. Contacts who gave help. Personal future plans or goals)
Your answers need to be accompanied by a selection of images. These need to be sent as JPG’s, no bigger than 12 inches on the longest side and 96dpi. Consider things such as unique aspects, the cover (front and back) and inner pages. Please include in your email:
  • No more than 10 images that are included in your book. Include image titles where relevant.
  • No more than 10 images of your photobook. These need to be of a high quality and well produced. 
  • If you have the equipment to make a well presented video of the book, please feel free to.

By submitting to this Spotlight you agree to Photograd using your images in related social media posts and newsletters. You will always be credited.

Submissions from graduates only

Description and images

All submissions will be presented on Photograd


Deadline: December 8th 2017

Huw Alden Davies. 'Scaffold to the Moon' - A Photobook

We couldn't help but jump on board when Newport, University of Wales MA graduate Huw Alden Davies announced a Kickstarter campaign for his brand new book, Scaffold to the Moon.

Huw has been kind enough to keep us updated with the progress of his campaign and we really wanted to bring you more of an insight on launch day. Head across to Photograd social media channels today to see more of Huw's work, and be sure to stick around for when the Documentary Photographer takes over our Instagram from 2nd - 6th October. We're very excited to be supporting Huw on his next adventure. 

Tell us about your work. What's this series about? To begin with Prince was simply a project between projects, to keep me photographing while occupied with the development of my teaching practice. Little did I know that it would soon became my most defining project thus far, leading me on a path to self discovery. This is an age-old story of boy to man; father and son; fools and heros; told, I like to think from a relative but fresh perspective. With the focus of much of my practice centered on Tumble (my home village), it is only natural that my attention would shift to one of its biggest characters, and that character just so happens to be my dad.

From the series Prince

From the series Prince

How has this work evolved to be at the stage you are now? Rewind two years, 2015, with Prince (my first publication) in the final stages of production, I was asked by Ffotogallery if I would contribute to an online IG artist residency as part of the Diffusion Festival, and bang that was it. Locked in a transatlantic to-and-fro with Detroit Photographer, Patricia Lay Dorsey, something new happened. A voice that had been exercised, I assume during my writings for Prince begun to take a hold, and with the encouragement I received from both Dorsey and my peers, this was soon a voice that would not quiet.

Now, nearly 40,000 words later, almost ten thousand views on Prince Street (blog), numerous international festivals and exhibitions, and a prize winner in this years ESPY Photo Award Book Prize, it is only fitting that my most obsessive and all consuming body of work be concluded in a complete collection, entitled Scaffold to the Moon, which will contain an assembly of illustrations, photographs and writings that celebrate the man that should have once been my role model. 

From the series Prince

From the series Prince

What encouraged you to turn to crowdfunding for support? For me at this stage in my photographic career, this seems like the most obvious direction. Throughout the years I have had a massive amount of support from the Arts Council of Wales, and I have always tried to fund as much as I can myself, but with a project of this size and nature neither is an option. Self Publishing can be a very expensive game, in an unpredictable market with no guaranteed success.

Therefore, although it’s not everyone’s first choice, Crowd-funding for me provides a certain level of security based on pre-sales. Here I will have the opportunity to sell a percentage of my book before it is even made, which will provide the funds to make it, it just makes more sense. On the flip side, it might not reach the finish line. That’s said, if does not get funded it does not get made. Everyone walks away with no debt, with a slight exception of your pride and reputation, of course.  

However, I am confident in my work. Besides the hundreds of hours that have gone into the production, I have invested a significant amount of time and effort in promoting and exhibiting the work, which has gained a lot of support, publicity and interest. I am positive that I have a solid plan, I know what I am going to do, and I know how much it’s going to cost to do it. I have a good understanding of my market, and I believe I have something that people will be interested in, although, as with anything there are no absolutes, at least beyond my dedication. I am however, working with the right team of people to make this happen. With that said, once I have launched the Kickstarter, it’s all beyond our control and all I can do is hope that people want what I have to offer.

Tell us about some of your Kickstarter rewards and what supporters can expect from donating. During the last few months I have conducted a large degree of research, speaking to some of the industries most experienced practitioners to ensure that I have covered every angle and that each backer feels part of the project, and although Scaffold to the Moon will be the main focus there will be a variety of rewards available to suit a range of interests. These will include early bird rewards, double book rewards, book and print packages, and a collector edition. I also appreciate, that some might want to support the project without any financial impact; all support is vital to the success of the campaign, so I have tailored smaller and more affordable rewards for those who want to help me make this publication happen. These will include signed copies of Prince my first publication, or video rewards and regular exclusive material straight to their inbox.  

From the series Prince

From the series Prince

Who inspires you the most? Many have inspired my direction and many continue to do so, too many to list here. However, if we were to discuss bookmakers, my immediate response would be Clare Richardson, she was the first who inspired my intention towards bookmaking and the narratives offered by this medium. Although, looking at some of the leading modern examples of self-publishing, I am very much smitten by Jack Latham and Michal Iwanawski’s recent contributions to the world of Photobooks, there is a lot going on right now on this side of photography, and I am excited by the prospect bringing Prince’s world to this new wave.   

What's your ultimate goal for the future of your work? If I told you… I would have to make a book about it!

Although, I can say having crossed mediums more than once or twice in recent years, I feel the future is a multi-media one, but who knows. The one thing I do know is that it will be visual and it will involve a lot more of Tumble. But for now, it’s all about Prince and getting him to the page.

From the series Prince

From the series Prince

Have you got any tips or advice? For what it's worth, if I was to give any advice I would probably say, If you want to do something to the best of your ability I have learned to ask those who have done it best. Open up to other views and criticism and talk to as many practitioners as possible; ask for their advice, for they have made all the mistakes that you are likely to make. They will know the pitfalls, they will also see the best and worst in you and your work, to which you will likely be blind.  

If you are going to do something, I was taught to do it to the best of your ability, so if it is close to your heart then take your time with it, keep working things until you are confident that you have got it right. Better to kick yourself trying, than kick yourself for not giving it your all.

PhotoVoice: Bimonthly Photography Competition



PhotoVoice is an award-winning UK-based charity that works across the world using participatory photography for social change. 

Its innovative and award-winning projects have addressed issues as diverse as climate change, political engagement, women’s rights, refugees, HIV, disability, sexual exploitation and many more - all through the lens of photographs taken by communities affected by these issues. 

Professional Photography is the market-leading magazine for professional photographers. Each issue celebrates world-leading professionals and their work through in-depth interviews and extensive photographic portfolios. 

Every two months, photographers worldwide will be invited to submit images based on a theme which has been inspired by PhotoVoice’s projects, past and present. 

The winner will have their images featured in the pages of Professional Photography, in PhotoVoice’s quarterly publication Photo Voices, on PhotoVoice’s website, and receive a small cash prize. 

All winning images will be exhibited at The London Photo Show at the Strand Gallery in October. 

Competition 6

Theme – Tolerance

Opens – 04/09/2017

Closes – 27/09/2017

Judge – Kate O’Neill, Marketing and Partnerships Manager at Metro Imaging


“This picture was taken in Al Wade street in the old city of Jerusalem, where we can see Muslims and Jewish in the same street – though not walking together.” 

© Areej Mustafa Abu Sarah | PhotoVoice | Parents’ Circle | ‘Side-by-Side’ | Palestine

In celebration of both the Jewish New Year (Sept 21st) and Islamic New Year (Sept 22nd) this month’s competition is inspired by Areej Mustafa Abu Sarah who was a participant on the PhotoVoice project ‘Side-by-Side’ which worked with Palestinian and Israeli teenagers from across Israel and the West bank. 

Inspired by Areej’s depiction of both Muslims and Jews walking along the same street we want to see images that reflect on the theme of ‘Tolerance’. 

Entry is free for PhotoVoice members, or £10 to enter for non-members. To find out more and to enter, please visit -  www.photovoice.org/competition

More About Side-by-Side

The Side-by-Side project brought together six Isreali and six Palestinian teenagers in Israel and the West Bank to enable open dialogue and provide perspectives from both sides of the Arab-Israeli conflict. 

The young people were all members of the Palestinian-Israeli organization the Families Forum, a network of bereaved families dedicated to non-violence and dialogue. Participants recorded their daily lives and used photography to voice their losses, frustrations and differences. Their images were then posted to an online forum where the young people could view and comment on the work of others, find common ground and gain friendships. 









On The Radar: September 2017

Welcome to the second edition of our 'On the Radar' blog series. On an irregular basis we'll bring you some interesting stories and events from the photography industry. If you want to feature in the next post, simply email us using the heading 'On the Radar' with your information and we'll squeeze in the most exciting stories.

Source Magazine Graduate Photography Online 2017

As always, Source are celebrating brand new graduates. We're excited to find out who has been selected by this years panel of judges! Find out more here.

You can also find out more about this years University of Westminster MA graduates who undertook an Instagram Takeover for us. Head over to Instagram here.

Image by Stephen Burke

Image by Stephen Burke

CONNECT FOR: Photography Graduates

Date: Saturday, 9 September 2017

Time: 1pm - 5pm

Free, book your place

Are you a recent photography graduate? Come along to Stills for a nice afternoon of talks and discussions about life after graduation. Hear from early career photographers about their experiences of graduation and how they are shaping their careers.

Our aim with this event is to give new graduates the chance to hear from people a bit further along about their work and life afterward graduation. We will also have information from various organisations about the kind of support that they offer.

So book your free place, come along, meet other new graduates and take in some interesting talks.


Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 14.38.49.png

The award comprises a bursary of £1,250 for an early-career photographer in the UK to complete a photography project, plus £1,150-worth of printing at Metro Imaging and support towards industry and public exposure.

Judges for the award include Karen McQuaid, senior curator at the Photographersʼ Gallery, Matthew Tucker, UK Picture Editor at BuzzFeed, Professor Steve Macleod, photographer and creative director at Metro Imaging, and photography critic Jennifer Thatcher (Art MonthlyARTnews).

The award was created in memory of Rebecca Vassie, a British photographer and photojournalist who died suddenly, aged 30, while on assignment in Uganda in March 2015.

Applicants for the award, who must be either from or based in the UK, are asked to submit a proposal setting out a compelling vision for a photography project around ʻa human story we seldom seeʼ. The deadline for submissions is Friday, 2 October 2017 at 1700 BST. Enter your work here.

Exploration and Investigation - A Collaborative Exhibition between Pop My Mind and Photograd.

Deadline: midnight Monday 18th September

Photograd photographers have submitted work under the theme of 'Exploration and Investigation' and five pieces have been chosen to inspire you, the Pop My Mind community! We would like you to expand on their pieces and show us how you can creatively interpret their photography.

We invite you to explore and investigate the themes of the photographer's work in your own unique medium. You can be inspired by a single photograph, or the whole series, just let us know in your description please.

Image by Andrew Mellor, from the series 53.9230° N, 3.0150° W

Image by Andrew Mellor, from the series 53.9230° N, 3.0150° W


CALL FOR ENTRIES – Lightbox Photographic Open - Deadline Extended

This year’s theme – celebration. What is celebration to you? An opportunity to show your work in a professional gallery space

Description: Photographers of all ages and abilities are invited to submit their work to The LightboxPhotographic Open Competition. In keeping with our 10 year anniversary in 2017, this year we are inviting entries in the theme of 'Celebration and Anniversary'. Successful entries will be displayed at The Lightboxfrom 14 October 2017 - 7 January 2018.

DEADLINE EXTENDED Monday 18 September 2017

Prizes:  £500 for Best in Show

£250 The People’s Prize

£100 Young Photographer's Prize (13 – 17years)

Entry Fee: £10.00

Exhibition dates: Saturday 14 October 2017 – Sunday 7 January 2018

Private View: Thursday 19 October 2017 | 6.30pm – 8.00pm

To apply: Download an application form and sign up at: http://www.thelightbox.org.uk/Event/the-lightbox-photographic-open. Send photos and form to lightboxphoto@thelightbox.org.uk.

Introducing Light into Matter and Out of Dust.

Twenty five MA students from the University of Westminster will soon showcase their degree projects in central London. The show takes place from Wednesday 23rd August to Tuesday 5th September at Ambika P3  University of Westminster, 35 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5LS and is open from 12-7pm daily, (closed on bank holiday Monday August 28th).  An accompanying symposium, On the Cusp, will take place on Saturday 2nd September 4-6 p.m.  Links with all the details you might need are below.  

There are two exhibitions within the MA show:

Light into Matter, an exhibition by the Photography Arts course students, presents richly eclectic and striking visual practices pointing to possible futures and histories of photography.  These practices emerged from extended research into: lost utopias; emotional abuse; London’s edgelands; living with radioactivity; subjective studies of Hastings; and modelling dancers’ movements.

Out of Dust, is the exhibition by Documentary Photography and Photojournalism students, whose projects advance photography as an exciting and developing medium.

The On the Cusp symposium debates Richard Mosse’s Incoming Exhibition. Sitting on the cusp of art and documentary, Mosse’s work raises pressing questions about the roles of representation, aesthetic values and representation. Speakers include Lewis Bush, Duncan Woolridge, Joy Gregory, Lucy Soutter and David Moore. Symposium tickets are £5 and are available from Eventbrite.

Find out more from the students’ social media sites: