A Photograd Thank You

Aaaaaand we’re live…


The Photograd platform is up and running, and our 25 launch features are now visible! It's been a really long time in the making for us and we want to say the biggest thank you we can to everyone who has supported us. Everyone that has been involved in the launch has been very encouraging, and it’s really rewarding and satisfying knowing that people are enjoying what we have created.

We created Photograd over a cup of coffee. We weren't sure when we set out how it would be received, but after interviewing the first few photographers it became apparent how important it is to have that outlet for graduates to learn about others experiences. Not only is Photograd for other graduates, but we have also learnt an awful lot along the way. We've thought of ideas and forgotten them, created friendships with those we never thought we'd reach out to, and ended up with a platform that seems to be a real interest with graduates.

We couldn't have set a launch date without the help and patience of our 25 featured photographers, all of whom have been really understanding of our brand new idea and we thank them for deciding to send us their work. Those who we created Fellowships with and spread the word about the platform have been so helpful; and our incredible Spotlight contributors have made the launch even more worthwhile! We’re also really proud to include the UCS logo on the platform. We both thoroughly enjoyed our time at university and we’re glad they have given recognition to Photograd.

We've got so many ideas and even things ready for our viewers to see in a few months time, one being a face to face interview with a Brighton photography graduate. We will be taking submissions on a monthly basis for Photograd features. Please excuse us if we’re delayed in response, we want to feature everybody who reaches out to us but sometimes our coffee cups are full. We will get back to everybody, and we also thank everybody in advance for future support.

Thank you again and we hope you continue to read our features! Keep an eye on our page, we have some exciting things planned!

Melissa Belton and Lauren Carter, UCS graduates and the Photograd team.

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