Photograd Collaboration With Pop My Mind

Theme image by  Melissa Belton  (Photograd)

Theme image by Melissa Belton (Photograd)


We're pleased to finally share what we've been working on with Pop My Mind for the last few months; a collaborative project accepting submissions of work based around the theme of 'Signs'. From inspired work uploaded to the Pop My Mind platform we will work together to create a unique video to be shown at their first birthday celebrations in the summer. Take a look at the full details below. 

'Emotional signs, gestural signs, written signs, visual signs, auditory signs… what springs to mind when you think of the word 'Signs'? In collaboration with Pop My Mind, new pieces of work that are made specifically in response to this theme by midnight 9th May 2016 will have the opportunity to have their work curated into a multimedia film that will be screened at Pop My Mind’s first birthday exhibition and showcased as a Photograd Spotlight Feature. This opportunity is open to all Pop My Mind members and all Photograd members. Responses in any medium are welcome. What will you create?'

To submit, visit Pop My Mind and request an ID token. Once the token is received, you will be able to make an account. When your work is ready to be uploaded, visit this link to view our theme and click 'Upload a response'.

We're excited to see what you come up with! Let us know if you have any questions. 

Lauren Carter's  (Photograd) response to the theme 'Signs' 

Lauren Carter's (Photograd) response to the theme 'Signs'