Chris Mear: 'Coalville Photographed' video

As you hopefully remember, we followed Staffordshire University graduate Chris Mear through his journey of releasing Coalville Photographed into the world. We helped Chris release a new video every fortnight to coincide with the zine he later produced to complete the body of work; you can find out more about the series and watch the videos via Chris' Photograd Spotlight.

We'd now like to bring you a video of the Coalville Photographed zine and lead you to where you can buy your own copy or a print. Find out what Chris has to say about the work below.

Last year I released a series of short films on this blog. Made over the course of 15 months, they observed an amateur photographer and carer, called Graham, as he moved through the post-industrial landscape of North West Leicestershire every other Thursday morning. Shortly after releasing the final film I published a limited edition zine combining these films with a series of photographs made by both myself and Graham.

The remaining copies of Coalville Photographed are now exclusively available from And to celebrate this I thought Iā€™d offer you a short preview of the zine alongside a few of my favourite outtakes.