Pop My Mind: An interview with Francois

Photograd were recently made official partners of Pop My Mind and we're working with the team again to bring you an exciting new theme. You can find it here.

To give you more of an insight into Pop My Mind we've interviewed some of the more photographic based users on the platform. We reached out to Francois this time around who is influenced by the everyday.


Tell us who you are. Where do you live and make work? My name is Francois and I am Italian. Right now I'm living in Germany/Hamburg.

Have you studied a creative subject? What are your thoughts on doing so? I started with graphic design but was not really happy with it. I would like study art history as it is a field I am interested in. Do I need to study something in the creative field? I'm not sure about it, it depends. It could help you to meet others and discuss ideas maybe.

What sort of work do you make? I just do strictly photography. Whatever catches my interest from street photography, sport or landscape.

What do you use the Pop My Mind platform for? Pop My Mind is a good platform to show your work and get inspired by other artists.

What's your biggest inspiration? My biggest inspiration is everyday life, watching people. I also tend to read a lot fiction, non fiction, magazines, philosophical books, visit exhibitions and so on. I can get also inspired just by the weather or a situation I see. 

What are your thoughts on sharing your work with a wider audience? Have you got any advice? It is good to share your work because frankly spoken, this is why we do it. Get a reaction (bad or good) and discuss your work and make new connections and generate ideas. It is not so much about followers or likes. I prefer comments where they tell me what they see or feel, or what impressions they have. My advice would be to not care too much about the statistics on Instagram and Co (likes, …) as every personal contact is more important.

Give one tip you think every creative should follow. Gosh one tip. I am still a beginner but my advice is do it for fun and follow your passion. Learn the rules but break them if you have the funny feeling you want to experiment. You will learn from every mistake you make. Oh yes, do not wait until you think you're ready.

What are your plans for the future? This summer I will be travelling and taking photos and then applying for university. I have some projects in mind that I would love to do this summer and go from there. As I love photography I am doing everything right now to develop and get more opportunities to undertake new work and projects.