Free Range 2017 - Photograd Picks

Photograd visited Free Range again this year and on our wonder round the space we selected a number of new graduates whose work really stood out. Here's our final selection. Enjoy.

  Ben Stewart ,  Nomad.  Matthew Mottram,  Gaze .  Harriet Foster-Thornton ,  Still-Hunting .

Ben StewartNomad. Matthew Mottram, Gaze. Harriet Foster-ThorntonStill-Hunting.

 John Mullaney, Plymouth College of Art

John Mullaney, Plymouth College of Art

  Sam Lyne , Plymouth College of Art

Sam Lyne, Plymouth College of Art

 Mert Sezer,  Medway . Middlesex University.

Mert Sezer, Medway. Middlesex University.

  Arabella Bidgood ,  Copelands . Middlesex University.

Arabella BidgoodCopelands. Middlesex University.





  Sam Edrisi ,  The Stage . University of Westminster.

Sam EdrisiThe Stage. University of Westminster.

  Gökhan Tanriöver ,  Confessionals . University of Westminster.

Gökhan TanriöverConfessionals. University of Westminster.