Photobook Spotlight Submissions


In recognition of the success of our first Photobook Spotlight earlier this year, it will be returning for 2018!

To be considered for the Spotlight please respond to the following points. Contact details are below.

Using no more than 100 words for each, respond to the following:
  • A statement describing your chosen series/photobook, practice, and/or self.
  • What university did you attend and when did you graduate?
  • What is your favourite photobook by another photographer?
Using no more than 150 words for each, respond to the following. Incorporate your own ideas into each heading to express your photobook as you wish.
  • Direction (your route into photography and book making, into publishing or self-publishing, publisher relations, websites, contacts)
  • Considerations (decision to create a book as opposed to prints; paper stock, colours, weight, feel, binding, size, unique qualities: such as hand finishing)
  • Interior (use of images and/or text, layout, introduction and ending)
  • Inspiration (photobooks by others, visual influences, photographers, text/theory)
  • Advice and Future Goals (tips - book making, finding a publisher, being published, helpful websites, links, or reading. Contacts who gave help. Personal future plans or goals)
Your answers need to be accompanied by a selection of images. These need to be sent as JPG’s, no bigger than 12 inches on the longest side and 96dpi. Consider things such as unique aspects, the cover (front and back) and inner pages. Please include in your email:
  • No more than 10 images that are included in your book. Include image titles where relevant.
  • No more than 10 images of your photobook. These need to be of a high quality and well produced. 
  • If you have the equipment to make a well presented video of the book, please feel free to.

By submitting to this Spotlight you agree to Photograd using your images in related social media posts and newsletters. You will always be credited.

Submissions from graduates only

Description and images

All submissions will be presented on Photograd

Deadline: December 8th 2017