PGZ129 | The brand new zine from Photograd

Introducing the first edition of the brand new zine from Photograd | PGZ129 celebrates the first 2 years of the platform. Available to purchase from the Photograd online shop, PGZ129 comes together to celebrate 129 featured graduates.

PGZ129 is the first self-published zine from Photograd and presents readers with 12 photography graduates from UK based courses who continue to receive support. 

In April 2018 Photograd reached the grand old age of 2. In celebration of this PGZ is the brand new self-published zine from Photograd, bringing you a selection of some of our very best.

“129”, the title for this edition, represents the number of graduates we’ve had the privilege to feature on the site at some point during our first 2 years. In total, we’re supporting over 400 photographers in many different ways.

PGZ129 showcases work from photographers who studied at Plymouth College of Art, Falmouth University, and University of Brighton.


The University of the West of England, Bristol graduate Alex Ingram presents a new body of work titled The Gatekeepers.

“Scattered across the small islands surrounding the UK live loan rangers, spending their lives in quiet solidarity, away from the crowded, overpopulated landscapes of our urban world. Their role: to maintain and manage the preservation of their islands natural beauty and wildlife for future generations, whilst conducting research into these incredibly delicate ecosystems.

With limited access to the mainland during the winter months, no fresh running water, and under constant attack from harsh storms and perilous currents that can see them marooned for weeks at a time, it is not a role many are suited for. 

What is it like living so close to the mainland, but yet so far removed from social norms? How do they cope when the currents are too strong to make it back over for fresh food and supplies? What is it like living without the modern day technologies that we take for granted? And how do they adapt and overcome these daily obstacles with limited human contact? 

Over the next two years, these are the questions I want to explore. I will be visiting these remote islands and spending time with the rangers that have chosen to spend their lives there, in the hopes of better understanding what life is like living in some of the most beautiful, yet inhospitable landscapes in the UK.

In a world that is changing at a rapid pace, I want to question how this simplistic way of life fits within our modern world.”

Images from the series  The Gatekeepers  by Alex Ingram

Images from the series The Gatekeepers by Alex Ingram

29 Washing-Edit006.jpg


Andreea Teleaga who studied at the University of Sunderland also presents a new body of work titled Violence Is A New Kind of Instinct; Between Light and Darkness.

A series of five 12in x16in black and white silver prints created from negatives destroyed with a nail and a hammer. Being an artist originally from a former-communist country, Romania, I am constantly looking at what it means to have gaps in the historical truth, reason why this series depicts the battle between knowing and not knowing, the light and the dark.

'I had a dream, which was not all a dream.

The bright sun was extinguish'd, and the stars

Did wander darkling in the eternal space,

Rayless, and pathless, and the icy earth

Swung blind and blackening in the moonless air;'

                                     Lord Byron - Darkness (1816)

Images from the series  Violence Is A New Kind of Instinct; Between Light and Darkness  by Andreea Teleaga.

Images from the series Violence Is A New Kind of Instinct; Between Light and Darkness by Andreea Teleaga.

Andreea Teleaga Violence is a New Kind of Instinct 02.jpg

PGZ129 is available to purchase in the Photograd shop either individually or within a limited edition print box consisting of digital c-type prints from a number of featured photographers.