MA Photography Graduate Instagram Takeover - Elena Helfrecht

We recently called for work from both BA and MA photographers who are graduating from a UK university course this year. We made our selections and created interviews for the platform, we also selected graduates for extended Instagram Takeovers.

We selected Royal College of Art MA Photography 2019 graduate Elena Helfrecht to takeover the Photograd Instagram from 9th to 16th November. You can follow Elena on Instagram here too.

Plexus is an ongoing exploration of a suppressed and unfamiliar past, entangled with numerous layers of personal and collective history, trauma, memory, and silence. In this work, I investigate the complex routes of my ancestors using my family house and archive. The fabrication of accounts through objects and spaces reveals bridges between the now and then.

Observing the past through the inheritance of previous generations’ trauma and memory decades later frames an individual and national narrative of German history. This photographic case study provides a familiar terrain to explore the influence of the family in the discovery of psychological and cultural processes within history.

The creation of dream-like environments and symbols interlinks all that is remembered and simultaneously forgotten. Constructing a home and a sense of identity, spanning across four generations, provides grounds for a detailed investigation of postmemory, mental health, war and history.