2016: A Quick Round-up

Where do I start?...

Photograd has grown into something really positive and exciting since our launch in April this year and we'd just like to thank every single one of you for making this happen. The process so far has been rewarding, inspiring, encouraging, and sometimes quite difficult, but that doesn't mean it's not been a brilliant journey!


So a huge thank you goes to… those who were brave enough to send us their work to be one of our 25 launch Features; you know who you are and you're very special to us. Those who have contributed to some of our best Spotlight's; Magnum associates, curators in the industry, and professional photographers. Those who have reached out to us to create a Feature of their work on the platform; every time somebody new emails us it's heart warming and exciting. Those who have approached us with fantastic opportunities; #PHOTOGRAPHY Magazine and Spectrum just to name a few. And to anybody else who has created content for our blog or carried out an Instagram Takeover, your interest, and time and effort spent on Photograd is priceless, and we still can't quite believe people are enjoying the platform.

There's some ambitious plans coming your way for 2017, and opportunities I never imagined would arise but I'm eager to get started on them all!

Thanks everybody for a brilliant 2016!