Future Photograd: Liam Collins

Liam Collins, University of Cumbria Photography graduate, has been involved in several group exhibitions in the UK and Berlin. In 2014 he was awarded the Young Cumbrian Artist of the Year award for Audiotypes which is presented below. Liam is now exhibiting his first solo show at System Gallery in Newcastle Upon Tyne. This exhibition runs until 20th July.


Above images from the series Audiotypes

Series length
I had the original idea for the work when I was studying photography at college, at first it was going to be called Conversations and it was going to be long exposures of people engaged in conversations. I would say from that initial idea to what I ended up with it was probably around about a year of experimentation. But once I had the final Audiotype in mind the photographs, audio recordings and editing only took about a month.

Series influences
The main influence was the frustration at the lack of clear information that photographs give us. I wanted to create my own unique medium to work in that contained more information about the subject than a traditional photograph. An Audiotype image contains a likeness, (though this is often obscured by the subjects movement during the long exposure) the subjects mannerisms, and their speaking voice. However, the more information you put into an Audiotype the more abstract and difficult to read it becomes.

Future aims for the work
Of course it would be great for the work to be exhibited again and that is something I am currently looking into. Although I have enough images for a book, I feel they are far more effective on a large scale on the wall.

Is the series finished?
In its current form the project is finished, though it might be resurrected and turned into something else at a later date. I often find that one project will lead into another.

Find out more about Audiotypes here.