Event Reporter Brief

CALL FOR REPORTS: Photography festivals, exhibitions and events!


As a small team of two, we unfortunately cannot visit every photography event that occurs, as much as we would like to! As Photograd supports photography graduates, we would like to help further by allowing you the chance to document any photography related event on our blog. This in turn will allow others access to a variety of events they cannot attend (including us!).

Similar to our blog post covering PhotoEast, and more recently, ‘Bloom’, Vortigern Gallery, Margate, by Emma Sage, we would like to receive proposals from both photography graduates and students (from UK universities) who will be visiting a photographic event anywhere in the world. This is an opportunity that, although not financially beneficial, will hopefully give you some experience that could be added to your CV or website, and the option is also there to take over our Instagram account. There’s no strict brief for you to work from, allowing you the creative freedom to shape the blog post how you wish (to a certain extent, of course). 

For each Event Report we're looking for an inspiring selection of words and images to simply show your day to our readers.


If you're attending an event and would like to take part, please email us at photogradsub@gmail.com so we can send over some simple pointers for you to consider.

Alternatively, if you know of an event but do not wish to participate, please let us know about it so we can request help elsewhere!