Ardesia Projects at the Brighton Photo Fringe 2016

Ardesia Projects is a bi-lingual initiative dedicated to stimulating an international debate around photography and the visual arts. We are a platform for artists run by artists, with the aim of supporting each other in our development whilst contributing to the wider photographic conversation. 

Camera i  by Seán Padraic Birnie

Camera i by Seán Padraic Birnie


We are now curating our first exhibition, for which we have invited three artists: 2016 Magnum Photos/Photo London Graduate Award-winning Seán Padraic Birnie, James William Murray, whose work Beheld recently selected for the Athens Photo Festival Photobook Exhibition, and Alberto Sinigaglia, with his critically acclaimed project Big Sky Hunting.

“Images are mediations between the world and human beings. Human beings “ex-ist”, i.e. the world is not accessible to them and therefore images are needed to make it comprehensible. However, as soon as this happens, images come between the world and the human beings. They are supposed to be maps but they turn into screens: instead of representing the world, they obscure it until the human beings’ lives finally become a function of the image they create."

- Vilém Flusser, Towards a Philosophy of Photograph

From the series  Big Sky Hunting  by  Alberto Sinigaglia

From the series Big Sky Hunting by Alberto Sinigaglia

SCREENED will take place during Brighton Photo Fringe 2016 at Naked Eye Gallery from the 3 - 18 October and will explore the role of visibility and invisibility in photography, placing different bodies of work together in order to make new and unexpected connections.

Additionally, during the private view at 6pm on the 3rd of October we will be launching Ardesia Projects UK, inviting British artists to submit their work for review and widening our network.

We also recently interviewed Seán about his photographic work that won him a Magnum Graduate Award. You can read what we spoke about here via our Spotlight.

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