Photograd Catch-up Feature: Corinne Perry 'The Drawing Room Exhibition, at Oriel Davies Gallery'

We caught up with Birmingham City University graduate Corinne Perry, who is already featured on the Photograd platform here, to find out about her brand new commission. Alongside the Oriel Davies Gallery, Corinne has produced Looking Glass which she talks about here...

Project Description

I am a self-portrait photographer; creating intimate depictions that I feel are reflections of my natural melancholic temperament. Looking Glass is a site-specific self-portrait, which I was commissioned to produce for exhibit in The Drawing Room an exhibition at Oriel Davies Gallery, Wales. Using the medium of photographic self-portraiture, I have transformed a traditional wall mirror, with the placement of an ethereal depiction of an unknown woman upon its surface. 

Corinne Perry  Looking Glass  - the original image

Corinne Perry Looking Glass - the original image


Progression of Work

I began to produce the work as a result of being one of five emerging artists/makers who were awarded a ‘Seed Commission’ to support the creation of new work to furnish The Drawing Room.  I was aware the exhibition space was going to be transformed as to be reminiscent of a traditional drawing room. So I was drawn to the concept of redefining a traditional wall mirror with the use of photographic self-portraiture, as through the act of looking, the viewer would be able to see their reflection in that of its.

Since childhood I have been fascinated with the use of mirrors within fairy tales, as transformative objects of both enchantment and awe. Conceptually I wanted the viewer to feel they were looking at the ghostly reflection of a woman who once gazed upon the mirror.  I wanted the woman depicted upon the mirror, to have a fairy tale feel whilst retaining a haunting quality, and through the use of masquerade, transformed my identity into that of an unknown woman. 

The portrait was deeply influenced by the original depiction of Snow White, by The Brothers Grimm. I felt it was conceptually vital that the viewer could gaze into the eyes of the woman, and although I prefer to not include my face within my work, because of a sense of unease with self, when in character I felt able to do this.

Corinne Perry   Looking Glass  - a work in progress

Corinne Perry Looking Glass - a work in progress


The photograph has been mounted upon the glass using acetate in such a way that enables the viewer to view their reflection in that of hers. The work can be seen as not only stylised to suit the historical nature of my concept but also that of a ‘drawing room’ with its’ transient social gatherings and the ethereal imprints within this space. As my work is dominated by the concept of interior; in particular the depiction of my body in relation to my bedroom, the opportunity to produce work that focused upon a domestic space other than this deeply personal room felt like a natural progression of my previous work.


Working in collaboration with artists and the public, Oriel Davies Gallery, has created The Drawing Room, a curiously inviting room assembled from found, collected, and bespoke objects. From 22nd October to the 25th February 2017 The Drawing Room will be a creative social space, in which art, craft, performance and film will be made, shared and inspired.  

Corinne Perry   Looking Glass  - the finished piece

Corinne Perry Looking Glass - the finished piece

Future Plans

I believe the opportunity of being supported by Oriel Davies Gallery to produce Looking Glass has had a positive and developmental effect upon my practice. My future plans are to continue working on my series Wallflower which explores my ongoing struggle with depression. I hope to also explore the possibility of incorporating elements of installation within my self-portraiture, as to create a tactile and sensory viewing experience. 

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