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A night for new ideas, Photo Scratch is an opportunity for documentary photographers to understand how their work is perceived and gain valuable insight into how to take their work further with the benefit of other people’s outside eye. For spectators this is an opportunity to preview projects, offer feedback, and engage in conversations about photography.

The format of the night involves a group of six to eight photographers previewing a project in an incomplete state. These photographers are selected in advance based on informal applications. Each photographer is given a wall space to display their work in any way they see fit (rough prints, contact sheets, annotations, captions, text, projection etc.). The audience, comprised of other photographers, friends, people within the industry and anyone with an interest in documentary photography, are then welcome to discuss the work and leave written feedback for each project. This valuable written feedback is then kept by each photographer for future reference. The night is free for all to attend, but booking is required. There is a bar in the gallery.

Our first edition of 2019 will feature work-in-progress from:
Rita Alvarez

Tee Byford

Julie Meresse

Hassan Nezamian

Marie Smith

Alexandra Waespi

Lens Think Yorkshire Summer Social Hebden Bridge

A social to support creative talent across Yorkshire


Saturday June 23rd will see the Lens Think summer social and we are going out West, to West Yorkshire that is. We are a bi-monthly social in Yorkshire to meet, share work, ideas, & develop photography in the North. The day will be an informal meet up, a chance to preview Yan Preston’s work ‘Forest’ in a private exhibition tour and book signing in the unique location of 19th century Gibson Mill at Hardcastle Crags. Not only all of that but we also have a National trust one hour tour of the woodland. Come along, have a chat, meet other photographers in the area and hear from Yan Preston about her new body of work. So join us, with other like-minded photographers and creatives. Feel free to bring along friends, this event is family friendly.

The social takes place at Gibson Mill, Hollin Hall, Crimsworth Dean, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, HX7 7AP – and you’re invited to come and take a look at Yan Preston’s work in the heart of the woodland.

Yan Wang Preston is a British-Chinese artist interested in how landscape photography can reveal the hidden complexities behind the surface of physical landscapes. Her major projects include Mother River (2010-14) and Forest (2010-17). Forest won 1st Prize at the 2017 Syngenta Photography Award and monographs of both major works are being published by Hatje Cantz this year.


Contact: Jo Coates | T. 075 33 92 56 38 | e. | June 23rd 2018| Doors Open 11:00am | Event finishes 5:00pm | Gibson Mill | Hardcastle Crags | Hebden Bridge | HX7 7AP

Facebook Group:
Event Page:
Instagram Page:
Yan Wang Preston:

Zine & Photobook Fair 2018

Open Eye Gallery are currently calling for zines and photobooks

Submissions to - deadline Monday 11th June.


30 JUNE / FREE / 11AM – 4PM

Join Zine-makers, publishers and photographers for a free all-day celebration of rare, hand made and self published books, journals and zines from the North West and beyond. The event will be held on Saturday 30 June from 11am – 4pm in the bright, covered Mann Island atrium space outside of the gallery. This will be a free event open to established publishers and enthusiasts alike and will be a great opportunity to meet with both local and established artists in the publishing community.

To submit, or for more information, get in touch by emailing with “Submission Zine & Photobook Fair” in the email subject. Please make sure to include a PDF of your publication along with a brief text for each book/print including:

  • Contact details
  • Front cover image
  • Content preview
  • Summary/description of work
  • Publication dimensions
  • Number of copies available
  • Retail and trade prices
  • Whether you plan to attend the fair as a seller

Due to the limited space, we may not be able to include all submitted work. To avoid disappointment, please get in touch before Monday 11 June and we will get back to successful applicants by Monday 18 June, when then selection process is complete.

Good luck and let us know if you're making a submission!

More details can be found here.


26 October – 5 November 2017 announces a new photography festival in London. brings emerging and established artists together with the public to engage in thinking and talking about photography.

• opens with an exhibition featuring John Hilliard, Barbara Probst, Darren Harvey-Regan and Thomas Ruff.

• Screenings of the first ten films the Lumière Brothers showed to the public in 1895, at Close-Up Cinema.

• Aggie Toppins philosophically inspired cocktails are served at the Critical Cocktail Party.

• A collection of artefacts, objects and teaching aides gathered from the office of an unknown Professor of Photography spanning the last 30 years are the basis for the immersive exhibition, The Professor’s Office.

• Affordable, accessible artworks, books and zines are on sale at the Art Flea Market.

Barbara Probst, Exposure #49:  N.Y.C., 555 8th Avenue , 05.21.07, 4:02 p.m., 2007  Courtesy Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London

Barbara Probst, Exposure #49: N.Y.C., 555 8th Avenue, 05.21.07, 4:02 p.m., 2007

Courtesy Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London brings together artists from across the world, at different stages of their careers to present a large scale exhibition in Ambika P3 and Gallery S O, an art flea market, an immersive installation, a series of public panels, discussions and critiques, exploring questions like “what does it mean to work in the arts and photography?”, examining every aspect of photography as an art form.

The brainchild of artist and educator Rakesh Mohindra and artist and writer Yuxin Jiang, who met at The University of Westminster, has been devised to celebrate the photographic arts and introduce new ideas about photography to a public audience who enjoy photography daily through their phones and social media, and asks them to think about it differently.

John Hilliard, Off Screen (5), 1999  Courtesy the artist, and Richard Saltoun Gallery

John Hilliard, Off Screen (5), 1999

Courtesy the artist, and Richard Saltoun Gallery

The weeklong exhibition will showcase work from established artists like Thomas Ruff and Barbara Probst while also providing a platform for artists at earlier stages of their career like Miki Soejima and Jorge Luis Dieguez.

Across the city, Gallery SO will be the east London hub of, home to The Professor’s Office, a mini library where visitors can explore books, papers, objects and curiosities, taken from the office of a mysterious Professor which tell the story of a life teaching photographic arts.

Davide Maione,  ...and his neck  from To a Place I can’t Pronounce, 2011  Courtesy the artist

Davide Maione, ...and his neck from To a Place I can’t Pronounce, 2011

Courtesy the artist

Close-Up Cinema,’s film programme partner, will be screening a series of historic and recent avant-garde films including Letter to Jane by Jean-Luc Godard and La Jetée by Chirs Marker as part of a film programme that explores the long standing and complex relationship between photography and film. opens and closes with a critical cocktail party. Using Graphic Designer Aggie Toppins' books of Critical Theory Cocktails which match traditional cocktails with philosophical thinkers and authors and devises new cocktails to represent their ideas, will be serving guests critical cocktails to encourage critical and conceptual thinking of photographic arts.

Miki Soejima, The Passenger’s Present, 2016  Courtesy the artist

Miki Soejima, The Passenger’s Present, 2016

Courtesy the artist

Throughout the festival there will be a series of events including a panel discussion on careers in the photographic arts, and a talk on the relationship between theory and practice as well as group critiques where artists put their work forward for peer review.

The festival closes with The Art Flea Market, bringing together artists, publishers, makers and designers in Ambika P3 to present an art fair offering people the opportunity to buy affordable works of art, books and zines. events:

Sat Oct 28, 10:00 - 18:00
Symposium: Does Photography Need Theory? A Discussion
Speakers: Daniel C. Blight, Christopher Kul-Want, Nina Mangalanayagam, Sarah Pickering, Lucy Soutter, Duncan Wooldridge.
Lunch included

Sun Oct 29, 13:00 - 15:00
Group Critiques
Get feedback from Anthony Luvera, Bindi Vora, Katja Mayer, David Blackmore plus peer review.

Sun Oct 29, 15:30 - 17:00
FREE Printing and Framing Workshop
Presented by mounting and framing expert Will Mawby from A.Bliss and printing specialist Graeme Bulcraig from Touch Digital.

Mon Oct 30, 19:00 - 21:00
Panel Discussion: What Does it Mean to Work in Art Photography?
Chaired by David Campany (writer, curator, artist), joined by Nick Kaplony (Artquest), Lewis Chaplin (artist and book designer) and Katy Barron (Senior Director of Michael Hoppen Gallery).
With post-talk drinks

Thurs Nov 2, 19:00 - 21:00
Artists Talks
Featuring John Hilliard and Darren Harvey-Regan
With post-talk drinks

Fri Nov 3, 19:00 - 21:00
Artists Talks
Featuring Eva Stenram, Inès Lion and Miki Soejima
With post-talk drinks

Event Report: 'The Form of Possibility' MA Photography and MFA Photographic Arts, University of Plymouth.

The Form of Possibility is a group exhibition of final year bodies of work by graduating students of MA Photography and MFA Photographic Arts from the University of Plymouth in 2016. It began with a private view on the 22nd September on the second floor of the Scott Building, Plymouth University, Drakes Circus, Plymouth, PL4 8AA and runs Monday to Friday until the 13th October 2016.

The bodies of work demonstrate the variety in the interpretation and use of the photographic medium in the contemporary, ranging from personal explorations, to investigations of place, and enquiries into the materiality of the medium itself. 

Liz-Ann Vincent-Merry's series is part of an ongoing project which looks at 1,200 identity photographs from south east France, dating between 1900 and 1970. The work is an exploration of the mnemonic powers of these portraits in her quest to recover a life that has vanished.

From the series  The Marseille Papers  by Liz-Ann Vincent-Merry

From the series The Marseille Papers by Liz-Ann Vincent-Merry

The Marseille Papers  installation image

The Marseille Papers installation image

Lucy Bentham considers traditional aesthetics and the psychological theory of Escape, taking a deeply personal approach to the role of the female artist desiring to escape from the domestic space, by venturing into the land. 

Image by Lucy Bentham

Image by Lucy Bentham

The work of Robert Darch adopts a style of documentary realism while constructing an imaginary place through the mapping of a learnt culture onto direct experience. 

From the series  Durlescombe  by Robert Darch

From the series Durlescombe by Robert Darch

Durlescombe   installation image

Durlescombe installation image

Carly Seller’s work is a meditation on experience and embodiment from paths that invite us to move along their lines, as well as consideration of the camera having the ability to define, abstract and extend the range of visual perception.

From the series  Tracing a line along a breath exhaled  by Carly Seller

From the series Tracing a line along a breath exhaled by Carly Seller

Tracing a line along a breath exhaled   installation image

Tracing a line along a breath exhaled installation image

Katie Lowe uses a custom-built, lensless, camera to create single images on whole rolls of transparency film along her favourite stretch of beach along the North Coast of Cornwall. 

Shift  by Katie Lowe

Shift by Katie Lowe

Michelle Reynolds’ work consists of diptychs comparing and contrasting the landscapes and cityscapes of Europe and Kansas, opening up a dialogue in relation to the idea of place and one’s connection to where they came from.

Image by Michelle Reynolds

Image by Michelle Reynolds

David Gibson’s work explores profound personal and subjective moments of solitary psychological reverie in the landscape.

From the series  Dark Light and Mist  by David Gibson

From the series Dark Light and Mist by David Gibson

Gabby Laurent uses an absurdist approach to comment on a history of art practices such as self-portraiture and the photographic relationship to sculpture. 

Image by Gabby Laurent

Image by Gabby Laurent

James Waterfield deals with the issue of loneliness through undertaking bicycle journeys, pausing and thinking between journeys to complete a bookwork which, in one sense, is a kind of personal advertisement. 

Image by James Waterfield

Image by James Waterfield

Sian Davey presents the documentation of an awkward stage in the life of her daughter, Martha, as Martha transitions from child to young woman. 

From the series  Martha  by Sian Davey

From the series Martha by Sian Davey

Glauco Canalis’ work is a documentary study of San Berillo, an Island in the heart of Catania: A site once known as the biggest open-air brothel in Europe. 

Image by Glauco Canalis

Image by Glauco Canalis

It is evident from this group exhibition alone that the multiplicity found within the photographic medium in the contemporary, led by the range of the artists, is vast. Even in a world in which mass imagery can sometimes overwhelm our visual senses there are still cases, such as within this exhibition, that clearly declare that the photographic medium is alive and well, and will continue to evolve. 

It has been a pleasure to be a part of this diverse cohort and I can’t wait to see what our successors produce this year. 

MFA Photographic Arts students are: Sian Davey, Glauco Canalis and Robert Darch. 

MA Photography students are: Lucy Bentham, Michelle Reynolds, Katie Lowe, Liz-Ann Vincent-Merry, James Waterfield, Gabby Laurent, David Gibson and Carly Seller.

Some of the works from this exhibition will also be displayed as part of a faculty exhibition in the Peninsula Arts Gallery, Plymouth, in December. 

- Lucy Bentham


Event Report: 'Bloom', Vortigern Gallery, Margate.

The Photograd Event Reporter blog series continues with 2016 Photography graduate, Emma Sage. We found her work at Free Range, featured her image and review via our dedicated Spotlight, and she's now part of a collective exhibition based in Margate. This post is written from Emma's perspective so carry on reading to find out more about herself and her exhibition experience.

Bloom  poster, image from the series  Homeland  by  Scott Thomas .

Bloom poster, image from the series Homeland by Scott Thomas.

Just a brief bit about me, I’ll keep it short and sweet and get to the interesting part, the photography of course!

I’m Emma Sage, a graduate from the BA (hons) Photography course at Middlesex University. My personal practise tends to concern the landscape and environments (check it out here if you like:, but where looking at or researching photography is concerned, I’m not into sticking to one genre!

So I’m going to just let you all know about Bloom, an exhibition for recent Middlesex Photography Graduates running at the Vortigern gallery in Margate, it’s a rather sweet little place, pretty close to the sea front, so you can enjoy some great work and then go for a paddle after!

The work rotates each week, our tutor, Mark McEvoy, has been curating the show. There is selected work (i.e. a chosen piece from a students Final Major Project) and one ‘feature’ wall, which includes a larger selection of work from a chosen students series. So there’s a fresh mix of varied work every week, which keeps it exciting!

As I have mentioned, the space is fairly small, but there’s also a rather interesting selection of photography books, everything from more local photographers to biggies like Martin Parr and Rinko Kawauchi, so it’s varied and there’s something for everybody. There’s also a collection of postcards, prints and magazines to buy.

Below are a few photos to give a better idea of what we’ve been getting up to.

^Left to right: Devon Hampshire, Domante Kantauskaitė, Zowwi Ranford, & Wai Lap Mok.  This was week one, a lovely mix of varied work.

^Left to right: Devon Hampshire, Domante Kantauskaitė, Zowwi Ranford, & Wai Lap Mok.

This was week one, a lovely mix of varied work.

^Left to Right: Joe Brayford, Michal Wrona & Marta Liley-Gray.

^Left to Right: Joe Brayford, Michal Wrona & Marta Liley-Gray.

^My own work from the series  Aethon .

^My own work from the series Aethon.


The feature wall has been pretty varied, Wai Lap Mok kicked things off for week one. We get to do our own thing (within reason). I decided to write on the wall, which was fun! In the upcoming weeks Kaya Murray and Erika Krapavickaitė will have their work on the feature wall so check it out!

^And just in case you need more persuading to come and give Margate and the Vortigern a visit, there’s one of Margate’s famous ‘Turner Skies’!

^And just in case you need more persuading to come and give Margate and the Vortigern a visit, there’s one of Margate’s famous ‘Turner Skies’!

<^ The selection of books and postcards available at the gallery.

<^ The selection of books and postcards available at the gallery.

Gallery Opening Times:
Mon: Closed
Tues 2:30pm-5:30pm
Wed 11am - 5pm
Thurs 11am - 5pm
Fri 11am - 5pm
Sat 11am - 5pm
Sun 12pm - 5pm

NOTE: not open 6th - 7th August

Facebook: Vortigern Margate

Find out how to be an Event Reporter for Photograd here.


24th May - 25th June, 2016

Julian Germain, 'Face of the Century'

Julian Germain, 'Face of the Century'

PhotoEast is a new photography festival for East Anglia. Organised with support from University Campus Suffolk (soon to be the University of Suffolk), the festival will be the place to be for photography enthusiasts over the month of exhibitions, talks, activities and many other events.

The main location for the festival will be the Ipswich Waterfront along with other spots along the East Suffolk Railway line. All of the PhotoEast events are free which we think is amazing! Book yourself onto the day of talks (Saturday 28th May) via this link.

The theme this year is ‘Of Time and Place’. The UCS Waterfront Gallery will be home to two reflecting exhibitions; Julian Germain with Face of the Century, and Zed Nelson's The Family.

Image by Zed Nelson, from the series 'The Family'

Image by Zed Nelson, from the series 'The Family'

What the Photograd team are most excited about are the talks at UCS on Saturday 28th May led by world-renowned photographers and industry professionals. UCS Photography course-leader Mark Edwards will be talking about his work that he makes in East Anglia, and George Georgiou will also talk about his work made in both London and Ipswich itself which was commissioned by PhotoEast; this work will also be on display during the festival.


Throughout the day of talks in Ipswich we will be working on making some blog content based around our visit and filling our Instagram page with related images. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to find out what we're up to.

A big congratulations to the team behind PhotoEast, we can't wait to see it all take place!

The Photography Show

Our friends over at The Photography Show are putting on another exciting event this year in Birmingham. As well as workshops, seminars, exhibitions, and photo-walks, they’ve organised some talks from photographers including Alec Soth, Bruce Gilden, and David Bailey. The student programme at this year’s event can be attended for free by those who are currently studying; we think some of you guys might be interested in what The Photography Show is really about this year...

Taking place at the NEC Birmingham 19-22 March, The Photography Show is an unmissable event for anyone with a passion for taking pictures. Dedicated to everything photography, you will be able to discover the latest kit available and the best deals on the market from 200 leading brands, including Nikon, Canon, Leica, Manfrotto, Calumet, Sony and Ricoh to name a few. 

With so much to see and do at the show, we’ve picked out a few highlights we thought might interest you… 

The clue is in the title when it comes to the host of photography heroes we have in store for the Super Stage, including internationally renowned street photographer Bruce Gilden and social media sensation Dan Rubin. Iconic British photographer David Bailey has already sold-out so make sure you book your place before it’s too late. Although not by name, the other stages and programmes at the show are equally as super! Whichever genre of photography you’re interested in, Behind the Lens will have a session for you; from taking photos of the wildlife on your doorstep to to becoming the editor of your blog.  

New this year, is the Turning Pro Masterclass, which is ideal for those practicing a high level of photography and looking to take the leap from enthusiast to pro. The half day programme of sessions will help you to understand the pros and cons to being a professional photographer.  We’re also running 60 Seconds to Change Your Life, an exciting competition seeking a talented individual to fast-track into a pro career and win a package worth over £15,000!

Plus, the programme for the Mobile and Social Stage has just been announced - be one of the first to check it out. The sessions on this stage will examine how best to take advantage of the opportunities that come with mobile photography and social media, how others have achieved success and how to capture and edit quality shots using different devices and formats. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this taster of what you can expect at The Photography Show this year. With so much more, from the Wedding & Portrait Stage and Adobe Theatre, to galleries, workshops and product demos, it’s going to be a fantastic show – we hope to see you there!    

You can find out more about what’s on at The Photography Show and to book tickets here