Hothouse Birmingham with Redeye and GRAIN Photography Hub

We are excited to announce that two photographers who are featured on the Photograd platform are to speak about their work in Birmingham tomorrow! Corinne Perry will talk about her self-portraits and series Wallflower which you can read about in her Feature, and Joanne Coates will introduce her brand new series of work, We Live By Tha’ Water.

Hothouse Birmingham have been running for a number of years but this is the first year they've partnered with GRAIN Photography Hub. On 26th November, 12 photographers will show recent projects in quick-fire presentations in the auditorium. The full list of speakers can be found on the Redeye website, and you can find out more about becoming a member here.

Alongside the talks, portfolios and books will be on display outside the auditorium, and the team are actively encouraging you to make a visit to have a look at the work, and show your own if you wish to. During the lunch break there will also be a chance to meet with representatives from Arts Council England who will be on hand to answer your questions regarding funding. 

After the day of talks, Vanley Burke will present some of his iconic images and host a Q&A session. Burke has captured social change and the evolving cultural landscape, and stimulated debate in the UK over the past four decades. He draws strength from remaining closely connected to his community, and his personable character allows him to capture the intimate and private nature of people’s everyday lives.

Image by Vanley Burke

Image by Vanley Burke

We won't be able to attend the talks ourselves but we're looking forward to interviewing a number of the speakers after the event to find out more about their practice, experience of talking about their work, and future plans for their chosen series. We'd love to know if you're intending to make a visit to the event!

Below we've selected some standout speakers from the line-up who we are looking forward to finding out more from.

Corinne PerryWallflower builds upon Corinne Perry’s use of self-portraiture as therapy, and was produced in an attempt to rid her of an ongoing struggle with depression. Since graduating from Birmingham City University in 2012, her work has been exhibited at galleries including TATE Liverpool, Croome Court NT and Oriel Davies Gallery.

Image from the series  Wallflower  by Corinne Perry

Image from the series Wallflower by Corinne Perry


Melaine Letoré: Melanie Letoré is an artist and writer based in Glasgow. She is co-editor of NOTES, a new Scottish photography journal. Using snapshots of landscapes, objects and people, she constructs harmonious and poetic narratives about our existence.

Image by Stuart Wall

Image by Stuart Wall

Joanne Coates: Joanne Coates has what she calls a democratic and poetic approach to visual storytelling. In her body of work We Live By Tha’ Water, Joanna seeks to document the changing way of life of those living on the margins of society in Orkney. Her work is an emotional response to the social anxieties experienced by those living on the fringes of modern development.

Image from the series  We Live By Tha’ Water  by Joanne Coates

Image from the series We Live By Tha’ Water by Joanne Coates


Jessa Fairbrother: Jessa investigates behaviour as a performance shaped by memory and visual consumption, concentrating on gestures as physical archives of emotional life.Through her work Conversations with my mother she explores maternal severance. Individual works use stitching, burning and embellishment as she jostles with the roles of wife, daughter, sister, artist, carer and orphan.