Lola Paprocka - Winner of the Unveil'd Photobook Award 2016

For this particular blog post we're mixing things up slightly and featuring an award winning photographer who doesn't have the university experience. Since hearing about the Unveil'd Photobook Award we've been eager to speak to the winner and find out more about their work. This year it's Lola Paprocka with her series Blokovi. Be sure to find out more about Lola via her website and continue reading to find out more about her series and the award.

We're excited to see where Lola takes this work with the support of Unveil'd. We look forward to catching up with her again next year for an exciting Photograd Spotlight!

From the series  Blokovi

From the series Blokovi


IntroductionMy name is Lola Paprocka, I’m originally from Poland but I live and work in London. I moved to England straight after high school - 13 years ago and I’m a self thought photographer. My main source of inspiration comes from the interest and admiration of architecture and portraiture.

Blokovi  photobook - front and back cover

Blokovi photobook - front and back cover

From the series   Blokovi

From the series Blokovi


Your Work: Blokovi is a photographic series exploring The New Belgrade apartment blocks and their residents, predominantly shot on medium format in August 2014/2015. I intended not to focus on any particular group of people or subjects but I allowed the interactions with strangers in everyday situations within Belgrade’s brutalist architecture to inform the overall narrative.

From the series   Blokovi

From the series Blokovi


The Award: The prize is a solo show organised and curated by Unveil'd Photo Festival in 2017. We have only just started planning it so there is no location/timescale set just yet.

Blokovi   photobook - pages

Blokovi photobook - pages

Future Plans and Opportunities: To be perfectly honest I had not thought about that just yet. I’m super excited about having my second solo show. I started working on the new project about Polish teenagers from estates (from the city i grew up in) and would love to get some funding to make it to a publication.