Photograd Experience: Charlotte and Georgia Bennett at Gallery Six

To continue Photograd's coverage of Gallery Six we're bringing you the second case study in the series. Yesterday we brought you Katie McAtackney, and for this post, twins Charlotte and Georgia will introduce themselves below.

Some of the team at Gallery Six

Some of the team at Gallery Six

We’re Charlotte and Georgia, photographers from the South East of England. We recently graduated from the University of East London where we studied photography. We are twins who work collaboratively on documentary style photographs and films, we then use these themes together to depict the stories of peoples lives, places and important issues, recording them in an intimate way. We love creating projects that have a social impact and that people can learn from.

Image from the series  Made Strong  and the  Made Strong  photobook

Image from the series Made Strong and the Made Strong photobook

Our current project Made Strong follows our friend Michelle and her story dealing with Multiple Sclerosis. Made Strong originally started as a university project but a year later we are still working together along with the MS Society and the MS Trust to help raise awareness. 

We first heard about Gallery Six online through Twitter and applied straight away. We exhibited at Free Range with our university so spent the whole summer at the Old Trewman Brewery and loved the atmosphere around the place.

We both studied and lived in East London so it’s great to be working here now too; it’s the creative hub of London, full of interesting people. The space itself is in a location where you get inspired just looking out the windows or walking to get your lunch on your break. The only con was not being able to get there as much as we’d like. That’s something that every creative has to deal with, balancing your normal job with what you love.

We use the space to mainly work on Made Strong; it's great to have somewhere to go and solidly work on our project without any distractions, and also to be surrounded by likeminded creatives is amazing. It's led to a group of us now working together creating a zine, something that is really exciting and brings us together even when our time runs out at the gallery.

We both think that Gallery Six pushed Made Strong forward. Being in a creative environment surrounded by other creatives has encouraged is to do more, to experiment further and really work hard. We both have a really bad habit of being unorganised but when we work at Gallery Six everything seems to get done quicker and so we were always on top of things. 

2017 has started well for us, our video got featured by MS Trust and has had nearly 3,000 views! We’re now organising our first solo exhibition which is exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. Made Strong is our main focus before we start any other project, the next step is to travel around the UK to interview other young people who have been diagnosed with MS and following their stories. Although we are both photographers, we have been filming a lot recently, it was a natural progression and something that we have wanted to do for a while. A lot of the people following Made Strong through our social media channels are from all over the world, so to put up work that is easily accessible for them to see is our main goal for this year.

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