Ginnel Foto Fest 2019 - Submissions Open

Ginnel Foto Fest returns, 25th - 26th May 2019.


We accept photographs of digital and analogue source.

Our new 2019 call hopes to attract submissions that show a diverse interpretation of this years ‘IN REPEAT’ theme. Our feature photographers already lead the way in showing very different approaches and concepts. Be inspired and make use of the opportunity to be part of a unique community.

IN REPEAT is inspired by dealings with the past or engaging with timely matters. This could be relating to finding patterns in society that may have been experienced by previous generations in similar ways. Think of working with memories by looking back into ones personal life. It could as well be the work with found imagery or dealings with historic content. The opportunities are manifold and we will be interested in seeing your work.

The Ginnel Foto Fest is with its 13.5 sqm exhibition space the smallest Photo Festival we know of. With this in mind and a call for project based submissions we are looking for: 

5 finalists who will get their work published across our online channels. Winner and runner-up will see their work displayed during the 2019 Ginnel Foto Fest and take part in the group exhibition of the Ginnel Foto Community in June at the Frameworkshop & Gallery in Ipswich.

Submission Guidelines

Entry is free!

We will only accept entries according to these rules. Submissions to the Ginnel Awards have to be sent via email to and must state ‘Ginnel Awards 2019’ in the subject header.

Photographs must be current and shot no earlier than 2017. Photographs must respond to the festival theme ‘IN REPEAT’. The photographer submitting the work must own the copyright and all necessary releases to the image. Feature photographers of the 2019 Ginnel Foto Fest are not permitted to enter. Only one entry/person is allowed. Multiple entries will automatically disqualify all entries.

Don’t put any info in the text body of your email. Please read on for further details.

  • Your submission must have minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 images.

  • We need your entry as a pdf document attached to the email.

  • Each photo must be on a full page. No two photos on the same page

The last page/s must provide the following:

  • First Name, surname

  • Email address

  • Website url

  • Nationality

  • Address of residency

  • Project Title of the submitted series of images

For each image we need:

  • Image title, Image location, date taken

Additionally you have to add: 

  • Short description of the project (max 500 words)

  • Short bio (max 200 words)

If your entry is selected for the finals you have to provide high resolution jpg files within a week after being contacted. Not responding or a delayed respond may result in being disqualified. Compensation claims will not be accepted.

The finalists grant Ginnel Foto Fest and associated partners of the 2019 Ginnel Foto Fest to use their images for marketing and other promotional purposes. Image credit will be given and the copyright remains with the owner. Curational decisions for the Ginnel Foto Fest and/or the Gallery Exhibition may not include all images of the submitted work. The curator’s decision is final. All work will be printed from the files provided and framed by the Ginnel Foto Community free of charge for the participant. All exhibited work remains in the archive of the Ginnel Foto Community.

The decision of the jury for the 2019 Calling Photographers is final.

Closing date for entries: 01 March 2019 at 23.59 BST

Ginnel Foto Fest 2018 Open Call

The 2018 call by the Ginnel Foto Fest invites photographers to submit single Photographs or a series of maximum four images interpreting this year's theme 'BorderLands'.

All details can be found on the website, . This year's prizes are kindly sponsored by Intrepid Camera Co., COES, Frameworkshop and Snappy Snaps Ipswich. Deadline for entries is April 15th. The Ginnel Foto Fest happens on May 26 & 27th and is supported by Suffolk County Council and Ipswich Borough Council.

Call 2018.jpg


26 October – 5 November 2017 announces a new photography festival in London. brings emerging and established artists together with the public to engage in thinking and talking about photography.

• opens with an exhibition featuring John Hilliard, Barbara Probst, Darren Harvey-Regan and Thomas Ruff.

• Screenings of the first ten films the Lumière Brothers showed to the public in 1895, at Close-Up Cinema.

• Aggie Toppins philosophically inspired cocktails are served at the Critical Cocktail Party.

• A collection of artefacts, objects and teaching aides gathered from the office of an unknown Professor of Photography spanning the last 30 years are the basis for the immersive exhibition, The Professor’s Office.

• Affordable, accessible artworks, books and zines are on sale at the Art Flea Market.

Barbara Probst, Exposure #49:  N.Y.C., 555 8th Avenue , 05.21.07, 4:02 p.m., 2007  Courtesy Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London

Barbara Probst, Exposure #49: N.Y.C., 555 8th Avenue, 05.21.07, 4:02 p.m., 2007

Courtesy Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London brings together artists from across the world, at different stages of their careers to present a large scale exhibition in Ambika P3 and Gallery S O, an art flea market, an immersive installation, a series of public panels, discussions and critiques, exploring questions like “what does it mean to work in the arts and photography?”, examining every aspect of photography as an art form.

The brainchild of artist and educator Rakesh Mohindra and artist and writer Yuxin Jiang, who met at The University of Westminster, has been devised to celebrate the photographic arts and introduce new ideas about photography to a public audience who enjoy photography daily through their phones and social media, and asks them to think about it differently.

John Hilliard, Off Screen (5), 1999  Courtesy the artist, and Richard Saltoun Gallery

John Hilliard, Off Screen (5), 1999

Courtesy the artist, and Richard Saltoun Gallery

The weeklong exhibition will showcase work from established artists like Thomas Ruff and Barbara Probst while also providing a platform for artists at earlier stages of their career like Miki Soejima and Jorge Luis Dieguez.

Across the city, Gallery SO will be the east London hub of, home to The Professor’s Office, a mini library where visitors can explore books, papers, objects and curiosities, taken from the office of a mysterious Professor which tell the story of a life teaching photographic arts.

Davide Maione,  ...and his neck  from To a Place I can’t Pronounce, 2011  Courtesy the artist

Davide Maione, ...and his neck from To a Place I can’t Pronounce, 2011

Courtesy the artist

Close-Up Cinema,’s film programme partner, will be screening a series of historic and recent avant-garde films including Letter to Jane by Jean-Luc Godard and La Jetée by Chirs Marker as part of a film programme that explores the long standing and complex relationship between photography and film. opens and closes with a critical cocktail party. Using Graphic Designer Aggie Toppins' books of Critical Theory Cocktails which match traditional cocktails with philosophical thinkers and authors and devises new cocktails to represent their ideas, will be serving guests critical cocktails to encourage critical and conceptual thinking of photographic arts.

Miki Soejima, The Passenger’s Present, 2016  Courtesy the artist

Miki Soejima, The Passenger’s Present, 2016

Courtesy the artist

Throughout the festival there will be a series of events including a panel discussion on careers in the photographic arts, and a talk on the relationship between theory and practice as well as group critiques where artists put their work forward for peer review.

The festival closes with The Art Flea Market, bringing together artists, publishers, makers and designers in Ambika P3 to present an art fair offering people the opportunity to buy affordable works of art, books and zines. events:

Sat Oct 28, 10:00 - 18:00
Symposium: Does Photography Need Theory? A Discussion
Speakers: Daniel C. Blight, Christopher Kul-Want, Nina Mangalanayagam, Sarah Pickering, Lucy Soutter, Duncan Wooldridge.
Lunch included

Sun Oct 29, 13:00 - 15:00
Group Critiques
Get feedback from Anthony Luvera, Bindi Vora, Katja Mayer, David Blackmore plus peer review.

Sun Oct 29, 15:30 - 17:00
FREE Printing and Framing Workshop
Presented by mounting and framing expert Will Mawby from A.Bliss and printing specialist Graeme Bulcraig from Touch Digital.

Mon Oct 30, 19:00 - 21:00
Panel Discussion: What Does it Mean to Work in Art Photography?
Chaired by David Campany (writer, curator, artist), joined by Nick Kaplony (Artquest), Lewis Chaplin (artist and book designer) and Katy Barron (Senior Director of Michael Hoppen Gallery).
With post-talk drinks

Thurs Nov 2, 19:00 - 21:00
Artists Talks
Featuring John Hilliard and Darren Harvey-Regan
With post-talk drinks

Fri Nov 3, 19:00 - 21:00
Artists Talks
Featuring Eva Stenram, Inès Lion and Miki Soejima
With post-talk drinks

Event Report: Matthew Broadhead at Unveil'd Photo Festival 2016

University of Brighton graduate, Matthew Broadhead, was selected to visit and report back on this years Unveil'd photo festival via Photograd. During his visit, Matthew took over the Photograd Instagram and has since written a very detailed and comprehensive report of his experience of the festival. We've decided to include the first section of his report here, alongside some of his images taken during the weekend, and hope that our readers would like to read the report in full on Matthew's website.

We would like to thank Tom at Unveil'd for encouraging and supporting our call out, and Matthew for being a fantastic reporter.

My name is Matthew Broadhead, I was selected to exhibit in Exeter Phoenix in South Devon for Unveil’d Open 2016. Also being chosen by Photograd to be the event reporter for Unveil’d I was in Exeter and present at a selection of scheduled events throughout Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd October.

The first event I attended was Project Management in the Arts held by Daisi from midday until 2:30pm at Exeter Library in The Rougemont Room. Daisi are the Arts Education Partnership organization for Devon and Torbay started in 1995. To summarize, they provide information, advice and development opportunities for artists, young people and educators. Ruth Cohen delivered the talk and the presentation provided an introduction to the organisation along with case studies of what they’ve done recently as part of their initiative. 

Images by Matthew Broadhead from the  Project Management in the Arts  event held by  Dais i at Unveil'd 2016

Images by Matthew Broadhead from the Project Management in the Arts event held by Daisi at Unveil'd 2016

The workshop aspect was simple but effective, forming groups to conjure a response to a commission for charities including Cancer Research UK and The National Trust considering a programme and who/what it’s target audience to enrich is. It highlighted important questions unearthed during the process of creating a proposition for funding and then the endeavour to answer the questions and deliver. Many of the students who attended the talk were Plymouth College of Art students studying BA (Hons) Photography in their third year and Louise Fago-Ruskin, lecturer in photography at Plymouth College of Art, approached me after the workshop to deliver a talk to her students about my body of work Heimr exhibited at Exeter Phoenix for Unveil’d Open. I was very pleased to oblige and we went over to the venue after Daisi’s workshop. I had a very positive experience talking about my work and practice after graduating from Brighton University for around three quarters of an hour.

Heimr  exhibited at Exeter Phoenix for Unveil’d Open  by Matthew Broadhead

Heimr exhibited at Exeter Phoenix for Unveil’d Open by Matthew Broadhead

Matthew Broadhead speaking to Plymouth College of Art students

Matthew Broadhead speaking to Plymouth College of Art students

Heimr  exhibited at Exeter Phoenix for Unveil’d Open  by Matthew Broadhead

Heimr exhibited at Exeter Phoenix for Unveil’d Open by Matthew Broadhead

Heimr  exhibited at Exeter Phoenix for Unveil’d Open  by Matthew Broadhead

Heimr exhibited at Exeter Phoenix for Unveil’d Open by Matthew Broadhead

I left Exeter Phoenix and walked up to Rougemont Gardens behind Exeter Library, one of multiple different locations of the Towers exhibition. On the Unveil’d website, the exhibition was described as a series of large-scale images on show throughout public grounds in the city of Exeter, curated in response to the fortification of Exeter’s Roman wall in the 13th century. They wrote:

“Tracing its history, the wall surrounded institutions of central powerhouses; government, religion and military. The construction of ten towers were built to protect and observe the city, bringing forth tensions of boundaries and their role in defining the city and more widely how we deal with place. The city wall itself was constructed in response to the geology of the land, in particular the strategic placing of five gates reflecting the movement of the river.”

The setting of each exhibit correlated with the locations of these ten towers. The images were printed on strong weather resistant material with a loop at the top and bottom for scaffolding tubes to pass through. This particular piece consisted of four panels with a single large format image on each side by the artists Jessica Lennan, Oliver Udy, Eva Cooney and Glauco Canalis. All of the imagery was evocative of environment, both with and without human presence. Eva Cooney’s dramatic piece particularly reflects the movement of the river through Exeter. A few minutes walk through Rougemont Gardens in the green space elevated between Exeter Phoenix and the rear entrance of the Royal Albert Museum there was a single piece by Tim Mills titled Overdale Road from his project Twelve Shilling Paradise. The garden study depicted a fish tank with live goldfish positioned on bubble wrap on a piece of wooden furniture. The concept of the exhibition and ideas ruminating in this photograph make me consider the transience not so much of the environment but more of the existence of humanity within it. The detail shot shows a ladybird and the whole front and back of this piece were covered with them, adding another dimension to the piece. 

Installation image by Matthew Broadhead:   Teufelsberg, Berlin   by   Jessica Lennan as part of   Towers   exhibition, Unveil'd 2016

Installation image by Matthew Broadhead: Teufelsberg, Berlin by Jessica Lennan as part of Towers exhibition, Unveil'd 2016

Rougemont Gardens   Towers   e  xhibit by Matthew Broadhead

Rougemont Gardens Towers exhibit by Matthew Broadhead

Rougemont Gardens  Towers  exhibit by Matthew Broadhead   

Rougemont Gardens Towers exhibit by Matthew Broadhead

Rougemont Gardens   Towers   e  xhibit by Matthew Broadhead

Rougemont Gardens Towers exhibit by Matthew Broadhead

Unfortunately by the time that I was exploring Towers for myself the artwork in Northernhay gardens was vandalised and subsequently taken down. The work presented belonged to Robert Darch and Melanie Eclare. The final exhibit I saw as part of Towers was further away towards Exeter Bus Station in Southenhay Gardens. The triangular structure consisted of work by Jem Southam, Fern Leigh Albert and Brendan Barry.

Installation image  by Matthew Broadhead :  Red Mudstone, Sidmouth 1996  by Jem Southam at Southernhay Gardens as part of the  Towers  exhibition, Unveil'd 2016

Installation image by Matthew Broadhead: Red Mudstone, Sidmouth 1996 by Jem Southam at Southernhay Gardens as part of the Towers exhibition, Unveil'd 2016

To read Matthew's report in full, visit his blog.

Unveil'd Photo Festival 2016 by Matthew Broadhead

In collaboration with Unveil'd, we recently called out for a UK based photography graduate to report on this years photo festival. We're excited to announce that University of Brighton 2016 graduate, Matthew Broadhead, was our stand out graduate and has therefore been selected to document his time in Exeter!


Matthew was the perfect selection as he has some work in the Unveil'd Open exhibition so we're looking forward to his feedback on being part of the festival as well as a visitor to many other events taking place over the weekend.

Rocket, Kéflavík  from the series  Heimr

Rocket, Kéflavík from the series Heimr

Matthew will be creating content for our blog and taking over the Photograd Instagram for the weekend so we can follow his visit. 

Ardesia Projects at the Brighton Photo Fringe 2016

Ardesia Projects is a bi-lingual initiative dedicated to stimulating an international debate around photography and the visual arts. We are a platform for artists run by artists, with the aim of supporting each other in our development whilst contributing to the wider photographic conversation. 

Camera i  by Seán Padraic Birnie

Camera i by Seán Padraic Birnie


We are now curating our first exhibition, for which we have invited three artists: 2016 Magnum Photos/Photo London Graduate Award-winning Seán Padraic Birnie, James William Murray, whose work Beheld recently selected for the Athens Photo Festival Photobook Exhibition, and Alberto Sinigaglia, with his critically acclaimed project Big Sky Hunting.

“Images are mediations between the world and human beings. Human beings “ex-ist”, i.e. the world is not accessible to them and therefore images are needed to make it comprehensible. However, as soon as this happens, images come between the world and the human beings. They are supposed to be maps but they turn into screens: instead of representing the world, they obscure it until the human beings’ lives finally become a function of the image they create."

- Vilém Flusser, Towards a Philosophy of Photograph

From the series  Big Sky Hunting  by  Alberto Sinigaglia

From the series Big Sky Hunting by Alberto Sinigaglia

SCREENED will take place during Brighton Photo Fringe 2016 at Naked Eye Gallery from the 3 - 18 October and will explore the role of visibility and invisibility in photography, placing different bodies of work together in order to make new and unexpected connections.

Additionally, during the private view at 6pm on the 3rd of October we will be launching Ardesia Projects UK, inviting British artists to submit their work for review and widening our network.

We also recently interviewed Seán about his photographic work that won him a Magnum Graduate Award. You can read what we spoke about here via our Spotlight.

Some important links you might like to check out:

Festival Report Call Out! Unveil’d Photo Festival. 20th - 23rd October, Exeter.


Unveil’d is a not-for-profit organisation, celebrating contemporary photography through intermittent events, bringing together photographers, collectives, publishers and professionals to create and commission exhibitions, book fairs, workshops and a physical space for discussion.

Each member of the team have a background or contemporary practice in photography, including arts management, curatorship, education and publishing and share in the organisation’s understanding that photography is a widely accessible medium. Utilising this to effect the aim of using diverse spaces to share photography with a wider audience, engaging communities and the public.

Unveil'd seeks collaboration and wishes to open opportunities, encouraging proposals from individuals, organisations and galleries.

This October, Unveil'd will host a multi-location photography festival throughout the city of Exeter featuring exhibitions, talks, workshops, film screenings, a photobook fair and music.

Together with Unveil'd, we're calling out for an enthusiastic, dedicated, and dependable UK based photography graduate to report on the festival in October. The team have very generously given us one free ticket to assign to the chosen reporter, giving them access to all events taking place within the festival. The Festival Report will need to consist of words documenting the visit and lots of images to coincide. An Instagram Takeover is also an option. The completed blog post will then be cross promoted by both ourselves and Unveil'd once live.

To put yourself forward, simply send an email to with your name, the university you studied at and year you graduated, your website link and any relevant social media handles.


Don't forget to follow Unveil'd on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with the festival prep!

To find out more about how to be a part of Photograd, check out our Submit page. You might even like to check out the Unveil'd 2016 Photobook Award which is currently open for submissions. The winning prize is a solo-show, which will be designed and curated specifically around the photographer's needs, five titles will be shortlisted. We strongly urge you to submit your work; we'll be featuring the winner and runners-up on the Photograd platform later in the year, and we're really excited!