Exploration and Investigation - Subterranean Arts Gallery, Ipswich.


Exploration and Investigation, a collaborative exhibition created between Pop My Mind and ourselves, runs until 18th November. Open Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm.

Exploration and Investigation

We've been busy working alongside the Pop My Mind team recently, planning for an exhibition which opens next week at Subterranean Arts Gallery in Ipswich!

We begun the process with selected images from Photograd which Pop My Mind users made work in response to. The result is a collection of photography, painting, music, and more.

Our Private View takes place on Thursday 26th October at Subterranean Arts Gallery, St.Peter's Street, Ipswich, 5:30 - 7:30pm. The exhibition is then open Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm, until 18th November.

Free entry
Free wine, soft drinks, and nibbles
Live artwork being made in the space
A wide variety of photography, art, and music!

We really hope to see some of you there!

Here's some of the work being exhibited from photographers featured on Photograd.

From the series  Covering The Carpet  by  Jocelyn Allen

From the series Covering The Carpet by Jocelyn Allen

Familiar  by  Karim Skalli

Familiar by Karim Skalli

On The Radar: September 2017

Welcome to the second edition of our 'On the Radar' blog series. On an irregular basis we'll bring you some interesting stories and events from the photography industry. If you want to feature in the next post, simply email us using the heading 'On the Radar' with your information and we'll squeeze in the most exciting stories.

Source Magazine Graduate Photography Online 2017

As always, Source are celebrating brand new graduates. We're excited to find out who has been selected by this years panel of judges! Find out more here.

You can also find out more about this years University of Westminster MA graduates who undertook an Instagram Takeover for us. Head over to Instagram here.

Image by  Stephen Burke

Image by Stephen Burke

CONNECT FOR: Photography Graduates

Date: Saturday, 9 September 2017

Time: 1pm - 5pm

Free, book your place

Are you a recent photography graduate? Come along to Stills for a nice afternoon of talks and discussions about life after graduation. Hear from early career photographers about their experiences of graduation and how they are shaping their careers.

Our aim with this event is to give new graduates the chance to hear from people a bit further along about their work and life afterward graduation. We will also have information from various organisations about the kind of support that they offer.

So book your free place, come along, meet other new graduates and take in some interesting talks.


Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 14.38.49.png

The award comprises a bursary of £1,250 for an early-career photographer in the UK to complete a photography project, plus £1,150-worth of printing at Metro Imaging and support towards industry and public exposure.

Judges for the award include Karen McQuaid, senior curator at the Photographersʼ Gallery, Matthew Tucker, UK Picture Editor at BuzzFeed, Professor Steve Macleod, photographer and creative director at Metro Imaging, and photography critic Jennifer Thatcher (Art MonthlyARTnews).

The award was created in memory of Rebecca Vassie, a British photographer and photojournalist who died suddenly, aged 30, while on assignment in Uganda in March 2015.

Applicants for the award, who must be either from or based in the UK, are asked to submit a proposal setting out a compelling vision for a photography project around ʻa human story we seldom seeʼ. The deadline for submissions is Friday, 2 October 2017 at 1700 BST. Enter your work here.

Exploration and Investigation - A Collaborative Exhibition between Pop My Mind and Photograd.

Deadline: midnight Monday 18th September

Photograd photographers have submitted work under the theme of 'Exploration and Investigation' and five pieces have been chosen to inspire you, the Pop My Mind community! We would like you to expand on their pieces and show us how you can creatively interpret their photography.

We invite you to explore and investigate the themes of the photographer's work in your own unique medium. You can be inspired by a single photograph, or the whole series, just let us know in your description please.

Image by  Andrew Mellor , from the series  53.9230° N, 3.0150° W

Image by Andrew Mellor, from the series 53.9230° N, 3.0150° W


Pop My Mind: An interview with Francois

Photograd were recently made official partners of Pop My Mind and we're working with the team again to bring you an exciting new theme. You can find it here.

To give you more of an insight into Pop My Mind we've interviewed some of the more photographic based users on the platform. We reached out to Francois this time around who is influenced by the everyday.


Tell us who you are. Where do you live and make work? My name is Francois and I am Italian. Right now I'm living in Germany/Hamburg.

Have you studied a creative subject? What are your thoughts on doing so? I started with graphic design but was not really happy with it. I would like study art history as it is a field I am interested in. Do I need to study something in the creative field? I'm not sure about it, it depends. It could help you to meet others and discuss ideas maybe.

What sort of work do you make? I just do strictly photography. Whatever catches my interest from street photography, sport or landscape.

What do you use the Pop My Mind platform for? Pop My Mind is a good platform to show your work and get inspired by other artists.

What's your biggest inspiration? My biggest inspiration is everyday life, watching people. I also tend to read a lot fiction, non fiction, magazines, philosophical books, visit exhibitions and so on. I can get also inspired just by the weather or a situation I see. 

What are your thoughts on sharing your work with a wider audience? Have you got any advice? It is good to share your work because frankly spoken, this is why we do it. Get a reaction (bad or good) and discuss your work and make new connections and generate ideas. It is not so much about followers or likes. I prefer comments where they tell me what they see or feel, or what impressions they have. My advice would be to not care too much about the statistics on Instagram and Co (likes, …) as every personal contact is more important.

Give one tip you think every creative should follow. Gosh one tip. I am still a beginner but my advice is do it for fun and follow your passion. Learn the rules but break them if you have the funny feeling you want to experiment. You will learn from every mistake you make. Oh yes, do not wait until you think you're ready.

What are your plans for the future? This summer I will be travelling and taking photos and then applying for university. I have some projects in mind that I would love to do this summer and go from there. As I love photography I am doing everything right now to develop and get more opportunities to undertake new work and projects.

An Interview with Pop My Mind

As you know, Photograd are working with Pop My Mind again on a brand new, exciting challenge. Head over to their platform to read more about Creativegrad which will be officially launching soon.

To give you more of an insight into Pop My Mind we've interviewed the team. We hope you enjoy the read.

Who are you, what's your motto? We are a powerful art community creating stunning content that will make you POP! In other words, we are a collective of creative people from around the world who like to experiment and create new, engaging pieces of work in response to each other’s work, current topics and for larger projects.

What's your creative style? As a company, we are all about authenticity – all the work we create is genuinely influenced by something else on the site, and is made by real people who love what they do (and are great at what they do)! There are so many of us in different disciplines – artists, writers, photographers, musicians, film makers – that we don’t have an overarching style. But it is this diversity that makes our community so powerful, and why the work we make is so unique.

Can you tell us what Pop My Mind is? We are an organisation built around an online community of hand-picked artists and creatives. Brands, agencies and festivals can hire us to use our platform and challenge our community to produce dynamic new work in response to their products and brand. This work is completely bespoke and can be used in all sorts of ways to help them stand out from the crowd.

What were the initial aims for the platform? We are always trying to expand our community and get more people working with us on exciting projects. Our aim is for a good percentage of our community to be able to earn a living income through us from doing the creative projects which they love to do!

What’s your biggest achievement to date? I think getting our first client was a pretty exciting day for us. That was the point when we knew that we had the potential to do something really great for our community who have been so supportive, enthusiastic and involved in our organisation from the beginning. We also realised the power that creative content has, and that it can be used in such a wide variety of applications to make an unforgettable impression on an audience.

What do you look for when accepting new users onto the platform? We look for people who experiment and explore in their practice, who have creative ideas and make inspirational work. We also like their work to have a distinct or recognisable style, and we’re always interested to see how people engage with fellow artists and take influences from different sources. That’s what we’re about after all! 

What does Pop My Mind provide its users? Our community receive access to exclusive opportunities to expand their practice and creative careers, such as being included in group exhibitions and events, getting online and real-life exposure, and earning money for the work they produce.

P.S. we always get asked this, but there is no catch! It is our honour that creatives want to join our community and so being part of it and accessing our opportunities is completely free.

How can people get involved? Being part of Pop My Mind is simple – you just have to visit www.popmymind.com/joinus, pop us an email and we will be in touch with you to say hi. 

Give one tip to new creative graduates. Meet as many other creative people as you can - listen, share, and get inspired! Getting a network of like-minded people around not only gives you a great support system, it means you are constantly presented with fresh ideas and new perspectives, which is essential for developing your ideas and methods.

Also, take as many opportunities as you can. It can be so difficult to make a name - or a living - for yourself in the creative industries, but that first foot in the door is all you need.

And you know where to look for both of those… 

What does the future hold for Pop My Mind? Well that would be telling! We’ve got some exciting things on the horizon including our Think Travel project with spoken word artist Roseanne Ganley, which aims to combine travel and creativity to understand and promote mental wellbeing. 

We’re also currently in conversation with some trendy businesses and setting up creative projects with them that our community can really dig their teeth into. However, details on these have yet to be announced… stay tuned for more!

Pop My Mind: An interview with Sat Biswas.

Photograd were recently made official partners of Pop My Mind and we're working with the team again to bring you an exciting new theme. You can find it here, but we'll be officially launching it soon.

To give you more of an insight into Pop My Mind we've interviewed some of the more photographic based users on the platform. First up is Sat Biswas who describes himself as a visual storyteller with inspiration arising from film and poetry. 


Tell us who you are. Where do you live and make work? My name is Sat Biswas. I am a 40 year old visual storyteller based out of Mumbai, one of the largest metropolises of India. Though i make my living out of IT based Consultancy, most of my time is spent in documenting life and living around me using photography as a medium.  

Have you studied a creative subject? What are your thoughts on doing so? I have studied Comparative Literature. Though I have not studied specifically Art as a subject but my career began with an Advertising agency as a copywriter. Now these two elements have shaped my understanding on Art & Aesthetics. It has helped me effortlessly swim through all the creative genres and lends me an ability to compare and compose. I am greatly influenced by Poetry and art of Film Making. 

What sort of work do you make? I specialise in Photography and Mixed Media Art. Photography was a way to explore my lonely childhood and tumultuous boyhood, until it became a sacred part of my expressions and existence. I love depicting the smaller visuals of life and narrating the finer aspects of the abstracts around me. Stylistically, I am deeply influenced by “Lyrical Abstraction.”

What do you use the Pop My Mind platform for? I use Pop My Mind to think, compare and create from a diversified pool of creative and comparative Art. I believe that this is the only platform which gives an opportunity to all the creative genres to come together and create a unique Expression of Art and Aesthetics. And that is quite exciting. 

What's your biggest inspiration? I take a lot of inspiration from Poetry and Art of Film making. But I think my biggest inspiration is my differently able daughter, Ira. Her disability to communicate in her initial days of childhood made me resort back to photography and try to use it as a medium of expression and communication between us. And through her a whole new world has opened in front of me. 

What are your thoughts on sharing your work with a wider audience? Have you got any advice? I have never thought about it actually. Photography for me is a very private, individual journey and a sort of much needed therapy to spring back to life from the mundane. I have been told to share my work for numerous competitions but somehow I did not feel the urge for that. Maybe I am fearful to open up my expressions for a review by the wider audience.

Give one tip you think every creative should follow. Frankly I am not sure. For me either you are creative or you are not. And if you are creative then you would always have your own individuality and your way and manners to express. That workflow of ingenuity is creative for me. But if I have to give one suggestion then I must say that one should never cease to become ‘curious’. 

What are your plans for the future? I have no larger plans. I just have a few environmental and social projects in mind and I'm trying to arrange funds such that I can go for it. These will be long projects in the remotest environment which will require a deeper study to understand and subsequent document.

Pop My Mind

This week the Photograd team met with the creators of Pop My Mind, a new online creative platform based in Ipswich, Suffolk. The platform allows artists of all genres to create new work based on whats previously been uploaded to the site. It really gets your mind working on new ideas. To us it's a completely different way of working, but something exciting nonetheless. We're going to try it out for ourselves. Watch this space!

The Pop My Mind team are doing amazingly well with the creation of their site and we're excited to see where things take them. We're also really grateful for their support towards Photograd.

Our meeting with Pop consisted of a brainstorming session for collaboration ideas. We'd love to work towards an online gallery of submitted entries from both platforms, a new mix of photography and fine art. For our next meeting we're listing theme ideas; at the moment Photograd are considering some kind of narrative, but let us know what you think!

Check out Pop My Mind and see if you'd like to be a part of what they're doing!