Huw Alden Davies, 'Xennial'


Exploring 'new' territories, studying the concept of a micro generation described as Xennials  (an original analysis through photographic practice), Xennial  (my new series) will explore an uncharted generation that bridges the gap between two eras described as X gens and Millennials, while broadening the perspective of Welsh culture through the device of photography and lens based media.

Set in the peripheral of a small ex-mining village in the Gwendraeth Valley, at the dawn of a new era, this project will be a visual and multi media collaboration, which attempts to provide a modern and un-clichéd perspective of Welsh-ness, and a rare look into one of Wales lesser explored culturally rich communities. Celebrating the wonder of childhood, friendship, and all things welsh, Dreaming in Colour will tell the tale of an 80s generation that saw the best of both worlds, old and new, while expanding the visual identity of Wales beyond its stereotypical archetypes. 

Xennial is currently made up of four parts and available through a variety of mediums and outlets as follows:

Y Broncs

An integral component of this project, Y Broncs is a live, raw, interactive documentary series, based in the Gwendraeth Valley. Charting a generation of Welsh ‘Tumble folk’ that belonged to a completely different era. Comprising of Seventeen Weekly Webisodes, this is an alternative look at the 'Now and Then' while examining the concept of community and its social structures. (Available now on:


Xennial - Exhibit X 

Unlike anything else, Exhibit X is an Retro Instagram feature that pushes the boundaries. Packed with visual and written narratives that will take you on a journey back in time, stirring your senses, while inviting you to contribute your own memories. In an attempt to create a document that is a true reflection of a generation lost.

 (Starts 04 September over on Instagram)


Xennial - Dreaming in Colour 

Featured as part of Many Voices One Nation, a touring exhibition curated by Ffotogallery and the National Assembly for Wales. Forming part of the programme of events and activities throughout 2019 to mark the first 20 years of devolution in Wales. Xennial explores the concept of a micro generation that bridges the gap between two eras described as X gens and Millennials, while broadening the perspective of Welsh culture through the device of photography and lens based media.

(Opens at the Senedd, Cardiff, Thursday 05 September)


Xennial - Existentialist

Including a collection of voices, existentialist is a new collaborative blog / diary (similar to Prince St), which attempts to paint a bigger picture of what it was like to grow up in the Gwendraeth Valley, Wales, during the 80s and 90s.

(Starts this September)

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The Gatekeepers (work in progress) by Alex Ingram

The University of The West of England, Bristol graduate Alex Ingram was featured on Photograd previously with his series David's House. The series was published into a photobook in 2016 and Alex is now working in a new series of work, The Gatekeepers, which featured in the first edition of our zine, PGZ129, released earlier this year.

We introduce you here to images from The Gatekeepers which is currently a work in progress as Alex continues to return to the islands to make more images.

Scattered across the small islands surrounding the UK live lone wardens, spending their lives in quiet solidarity, away from the crowded, overpopulated landscapes of our urban world. Their role: to maintain and manage the preservation of their islands natural beauty and wildlife for future generations, whilst conducting research into these incredibly delicate ecosystems.

With limited access to the mainland during the winter months, no fresh running water, and under constant attack from harsh storms and perilous currents that can see them marooned for weeks at a time, it is not a role many are suited for.

What is it like living so close to the mainland, but yet so far removed from social norms? How do they cope when the currents are too strong to make it back over for fresh food and supplies? What is it like living without the modern day technologies that we take for granted? And how do they adapt and overcome these daily obstacles with limited human contact?

Over the next two years, these are the questions I want to explore. I will be visiting these remote islands and spending time with the wardens that have chosen to spend their lives there, in the hopes of better understanding what life is like living in some of the most beautiful, yet inhospitable landscapes in the UK.

In a world that is changing at a rapid pace, I want to question how this simplistic way of life fits within our modern world. 

9 Skomer Landscape 3-Edit015.jpg
16 Wardens Home 3-Edit.jpg
36 Ed & Bee 2-Edit007.jpg
46 Library-Edit011.jpg
All images from the series  The Gatekeepers

All images from the series The Gatekeepers