Superunity Schedule

Superunity is Photograd's interactive and communal Instagram account for both BA and MA photography graduates who studied in the UK.

We take submissions for Superunity on a rolling basis and give access to a new group of graduates every few weeks. The rules are simple - we generally like new images to be made and posted in response to the previous image on the Superunity feed. Older images can be posted but we would like for Superunity to encourage, provoke, and stimulate new ideas for work where possible. We have plans to run themed takeovers, invite guests to share work, and more.

The account has been successful so far but it’s hard to keep track of who has access and approaching deadlines at any one time. We’ve created an online calendar where graduates can schedule themselves in to make things much smoother for all involved.

The rules

  • Click on the first day you’d like to have access to Superunity. Your end date must be within 4 weeks of your start date. Add your end date in when booking yourself into our calendar.

  • Up to 5 graduates can have access to Superunity at any one time. If 5 have already booked the days you’d like then please plan for a few weeks later.

  • An email address MUST be left upon booking as this is where log in details will be sent prior to your planned time at Superunity. If no email address is left, we will not search around to find you.

  • Superunity is open to BA and MA graduates who studied in the UK only. There are no rules on graduation year.

  • Once you’ve posted your first image, wait for another image to be posted by somebody else before you post again.

  • There are no limits to how many images you can post during your time at Superunity.

  • There are no themes or requests, we just ask that you respond to the last image posted in some way.

  • We ask that those with access to Superunity spread the news on their own Instagram so we can gain some new followers and continue to spread the word.

Contact us with any questions or issues.