Camilla Smart

University: Arts University Bournemouth

Graduation: 2014

Genre: AstrophotographyConstruction, Documentary, PortraitureTypology.

Artist StatementThe work explores notions of light, time and space through the creation of constructed realities and the everyday. Inspiration is drawn from celestial bodies to create these other worldly scenes which heighten the viewer's sense of wonder.

Earth Day at Wembury Point,  April 2015

Earth Day at Wembury Point, April 2015

What are some standout moments from your time at university? A particular stand out moment for me would be getting involved in forming an eleven girl collective named Coal Collective. 

Tell us about My Left Hands and how you went about self publishing this zine? My Left Hands is an ongoing project of mine. All the photos are shot on my mobile phone and as I scrolled through I thought it would be a visually interesting book. I love creative magazines, books and reading what articles they feature allowing me to see how the photographs look in a published form. Creating this little zine I was able to play around having total creative control of every aspect. 

Images f rom the series  My Left Hands

Images from the series My Left Hands

Do you have a constant source of inspiration when making your work? Is there something or someone you always go back to? I am forever fascinated in studying space and in particular the moon. I am always drawn to find out more and to create a response to what I have been exploring. Other sources of inspiration for me comes from music by listening to lyrics and watching music videos and also by reading magazines to keep creative. 

Can you tell us about your use of video in Settlement? Settlement was my final project in my third year of university and I wanted to explore with a new medium before I finished. This project was about constructing realities and involved a lot of movement. I felt it would be vital to document my shoot as a record as well as taking photographs for my final work.

Is there a particular medium that you prefer to use? I love the whole process of analog photography. I am still captivated with shooting on film and how my photographs have a physical presence. I love processing negatives and using the darkroom to see my work appear. 

From the series  Seneology

From the series Seneology

Can you tell us more about Coal Collective and what opportunities being a member has given you? Being involved with Coal whilst at university was a great opportunity to work as a team of artists delegating roles to each of our strengths. It was really inspiring to go through that process.

How are you working on extending My Left Hands? I feel that this project can progress more by focusing on patterns and themes and I am planning on making another zine.

You're inspired by space, time, and light; do you have some standout photographers or writers who influence your work?

Artists: Nan Goldin, Thomas Ruff, Vince McKelvie, Anton Giulio Bragaglia,

Films: Capricorn One, Solaris, Barbarella.

Exhibitions: Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age at the Science Museum. Blind Light by Antony Gormley.

When do you think you realised you could make photographs around this interest of yours? I guess it was at university, I found that it was motivating to produce work around a topic that you're inspired by and have a want to learn more about. 

What else are you working on at the moment? A few collaborative works including one with my friend who is an artist currently living in California, the idea has been thought about for such a long time Iā€™m excited to get it started.

Can you give any advice to new graduates? Stay inspired!