Chloe Evelyn

A 2019 Highly Commended MA Photography graduate selected by Photograd.

University: University of Cumbria Institute of Arts


Artist Statement: Bright Eyes is a social documentary exploration into the current state of the environment, with a particular focus on humanity’s treatment of it. The original inspiration for this project was Watership Down which highlights humanity as a destructive force, I picked up on this and created this project around the idea that we have exhibited toxic behaviour to the environment for so long that we are now in a critical position, facing the destruction of our planet. 

My latest series of work for this project focuses on plastic pollution being littered in the environment and the overwhelming amount of it that we are seeing, as well as looking at our forests/woodland areas and our connection to them and the protection of these areas, and the juxtaposition of our treatment of forests and woodlands as opposed to how we mistreat the less protected areas of the environment with littering and plastic pollution. 

IMG_2990photograd (1).jpg
Images from the series  Bright Eyes

Images from the series Bright Eyes