Chloe Louise Thomas

Selected by Sarah French

"I have found that Chloe’s project Balance reflects a contemporary theme of photography, particularly among recent graduates, in considering alternative ways to approach still life. Chloe’s carefully selected colour palette and interaction of mundane objects creates visually stunning pieces. She has removed the object from its context to present a hyperreal and inherently photographic image."

University: Arts University Bournemouth

Artist Statement: Chloe’s practice investigates the relationship between colour, abstraction and the beauty of the mundane. Balance gives a fresh outlook on traditional still life revealing unconventional objects in a hyperreal context, that are given aura by the photographic process.

Chloe’s curiosity to challenge traditional approaches sits hand in hand with the contemporary balance of photography and gives a fresh outlook on traditional still life photography.

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Images from the series  Balance

Images from the series Balance