Christina Evans

University: The Arts University Bournemouth 

Graduation: 2010, 2014

Genre: Documentary

Website: &

Artist StatementDemonstrated through the interplay of colour, line and form, Two Foxes engages with the details of the everyday. The work portrays a pivotal moment of Spring, where the trace of the passer-by has been juxtaposed with the failing blossom. 

Through the act of the flâneur, by walking around the streets of Winton and Pokesdown, the notion of serendipity is found in the small fragments and accidental moments made by individuals in their surroundings.

The work reflects a visual engagement with the artist’s immediate environment. 

From the series  Two Foxes

From the series Two Foxes

Where did you attend university and what year did you graduate? I started a Foundation Course in Art & Design at The Arts University Bournemouth in 2010. I then continued my education and began a degree in Photography graduating with a First Class Honours in 2014.

From the series  Two Foxes

From the series Two Foxes

What are some standout moments from your time at university? I think it’s probably having some great conversations with tutors, sharing ideas and opinions. And maybe some ‘ah’ moments in lectures, being introduced to new ideas and theories. I loved the process of research and developing ideas. 

Which photographic genre do you consider your work to fall into, and what themes do you find yourself exploring? Potentially documentary, documenting the everyday and being fascinated by the ordinary, by colour and composition. I always find myself drawn to something left behind by someone, the element of chance in taking a picture. 

From the series  Boxes of Oranges

From the series Boxes of Oranges

Can you tell us a little about pample-mousse and your aims and ambitions for the platform? Pample-mousse was set up in November 2015 as a way to support other photographers, an online platform for contemporary photography. Having graduated from Photography and knowing so many talented people why not represent them all in one place? The long term aim would be to hold exhibitions, publications etc. With that said, I am open about how pample-mousse can develop.

From the series  Boxes of Oranges

From the series Boxes of Oranges

Can you explain the title of your chosen body of work (Two Foxes)? When trying to work out a sequence for the book I began to realise that many of my images contained objects that were in pairs, two coca cola drinks, two wellington boots, two shapes of colour and two foxes. Naturally, due to the foxes inquisitive nature in an urban environment I felt that it suited. 

Two Foxes is a response to a familiar environment, do you think this changed the way you made the photographs in the series? I wouldn’t say that it did. Despite having lived in the area which I photographed Two Foxes for a couple of years, the area was still unfamiliar to me as I didn’t grow up in the UK. The environment is familiar in the sense that the scenes that I saw were scenes that I encountered on a daily basis. Bournemouth was a fairly dense area mixed with local people, university students and foreign exchange students so there was always a sense of people coming and going. 

What is it that appeals to you about your everyday in the context of Two Foxes? Is it the interplay of colour, line and form found in accidental moments, or do you have a connection to the locations you photographed you don't want your viewer to be conscious of? I am ‘officially’ British yet I grew up in France and so the choices that people make in the UK in both residential areas & in general, in terms of how they express where they live, has always fascinated me. The choice to paint your garage door blue and paint the garage itself a lemon yellow… Placing two statues of foxes facing outwards onto the street for people to notice.. 

Images from the series  Currywust

Images from the series Currywust

Currywurst 3.jpg

As standalone images, do these settings define a pleasant surprise? You could say that, some of the images are scenes which may go unnoticed. I feel that the images may need to be seen as a collection of photographs which is why I made this project into a book. 

What visual influences did you have whilst making this work? Where to start!

Are you working on any new personal photographic projects at the moment? I have been working on making Boxes Of Oranges into a book, but it seems to be taking longer than expected. I have made the book about 5 times now but every time I do I notice something that could be changed. I am also working on a small handful of images that I took whilst I was back in France where I grew up, which primarily deals with a sense of place.