Craig Gibson

"I enjoyed looking at Craig Gibson’s Born After Birth series about adult baptism, as I feel that one of the many purposes of photography is to inform the viewer of something that they have never seen before. Gibson comments: ‘I like using photography as a gateway into subjects I am unfamiliar with’. I know very little about adult baptism and I am surprised how the process of rebirth visually resembles that of death, with an almost coffin shaped space in the ground."

Images from the series  Born After Birth

Images from the series Born After Birth


Jess Leonard

"I was drawn to Jess Leonard’s project for similar reasons to Craig Gibson’s project. I like the way the project connects to her background, with Leonard stating that ‘my dad and two uncles were in the fire service, so it's always been part of my life’ and that it gave her an opportunity to explore something she had never really thought about before. Leonard’s images are both haunting and poignant."

Images from the series  Ember

Images from the series Ember


Jocelyn Allen

"I have been following Jocelyn Allen’s work for many years now. Not only are Allen’s images aesthetically appealing, what sets her work apart from other photographic artists is that her self-portraits are never self-indulgent. I never tire of looking at her work."

27th May 2014 and 23rd June 2014 from the series Covering The Carpet 


Matt macpake

"Matt Macpake’s series To and from the North Circular is an example of how well an original idea can work. It could so easily be a literal interpretation, depicting traffic and pollution. Instead, the series is vibrant, full of light and seemingly tranquil."

Images from the series   To & from the North Circular

Images from the series To & from the North Circular