Eleonora Agostini

Selected by Sarah French

"Eleonora’s project A Blurry Aftertaste focuses on the objects, activities and surfaces that belong to the domestic space. I was drawn to the surreal quality of Eleonora’s compositions; a held pile of towels become sculpture, her family members become an ensemble cast, as the boundaries between private and public are explored."

University: Royal College of Art, London


Artist StatementA Blurry Aftertaste exists at the intersection between photography, performance and sculpture and focuses on the objects, activities and surfaces that belong to the domestic space, portrayed as an absurd and uncanny theatre defined by the creation of structures and the repetition of labour. 
The images of A Blurry Aftertaste operate both as observational and directed performance through a collaborative approach with my family, allowing to explore notions of comfort, tension and labour. Photographs such as Relaxation Island displays a pile of objects deprived of their functionality as resting apparatus. The furniture that comes in contact with the body is used as a tool of labour through the arrangement of a temporary tower constructed and balanced by my parents. The creation and documentation of precarious structures that exists between the strange and the mundane is used to identify the significance of a house emptied from its belongings, and to explore the boundaries between my family and I. Thus the house becomes a place where memories can be reconstructed, where intimacy and claustrophobia exist simultaneously, and a space to investigate how our familiar domestic existence can be reconsidered and redefined.

A Blurry Aftertaste is an attempt to better understand the precariousness of the notion of home through the action of balancing objects, and resisting gravity, the position of power and the switch of roles that are at play within the images and during the making process.

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Images from the series  A Blurry Aftertaste

Images from the series A Blurry Aftertaste