Eve Murphy

Selected by Joanne Coates

University: Manchester School of Art


Artist StatementDeath of a Magpie (2017-), an on going series, derived from the notion of place. Focusing on a landscapes ability to manifest a psychological being. Murphy uses the crow as a McGuffin to symbolise history, myth and metanarrative.

Murphy’s artistic process is built upon a framework of manipulating post process materials and disregarding the fragility of the print. Through this the print is morphed into a re-contextualised state. The discarded print becomes the art object. 

The image begins to blur the lines between history and the contemporary. Forming a reality distilled and contorted. A place formed wholly from the imagination. 

Photograd 1.jpg
photograd 2.jpg
photograd 3.jpg
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Images from the series  Death of a Magpie

Images from the series Death of a Magpie