Hannah Morgan

Selected by Sarah French

"I first came across Hannah’s work at the Free Range graduate show in London and was impressed by her sensitivity to both the subject and the photographic medium. Hannah’s work has a clear trace of the artists presence; the work is presented as an ongoing exploration into the fragmentation of memories, through sketchbooks, darkroom exposure tests and final prints."

University: Brighton University

Artist Statement: I view this project as an ever growing and ever changing visual interpretation of the contrasting nature of memory: portraying both the fragmented and fractured aspect of it’s nature, while also exploring the vivid and faithful recollection of past events.

Made up from numerous developing elements and encompassing various different mediums, this body of work portrays and analyses the sensation of recalling past events and attempts to visually describe the differing degrees of clarity in which we can see these past moments. Through the ongoing passage of time barriers begin to develop that prevent us from recalling our past clearly, the moments we once experienced become faded, distorted and forgotten, becoming an elusive collection of fragments.

In contrast this work will also examine the memories that are so poignant and so precious to us, that even years of accumulating new experiences cannot disrupt our ability to remember them with what appears to be perfect clarity and accuracy. Using a combination of visual imagery which demonstrates varying degrees of lucidity I sought to create a melodic, fluid and emotionally driven body of work that visually illustrates these mixed sensations of recalling the precious fragments of our past.

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Images from the series  Precious Fragments

Images from the series Precious Fragments