Iana Mizguina

Selected by Miriam Winsor

University: University for the Creative Arts, Farnham


Artist Statement: An interest in photographic typologies, classification, visual representation and perception led to my project A Study of Ornamental Plant, a series of images of garden plants that can be discovered in various, local to me, garden centres in Surrey. These garden plants are cultivated locally or imported from other countries and then sold in garden centres entirely for their visual qualities. 

Inspired by works of remarkable precision and dedication of botanical illustrators of the Victorian era and by written work on observational anatomy of flora and search for so called archetypal plants by Johann Wolfgang Goethe’s in “Metamorphosis of plants”, this body of work aims to investigate how so called ornamental plants are perceived and why. 

Images from the series  A Study of Ornamental Plant

Images from the series A Study of Ornamental Plant