Jason Carden

University: Hereford College of Arts

Graduation: 2014

Genre: Street


Artist Statement: I consider my creative praxis to be a critical reflection upon the human condition and what makes mankind unique amongst all other animals. My practice exclusively engages photography to explicate socio-cultural, psychological and perceptual conjecture within the western context of post-modernist discourse. Conversely, whilst these themes, I acknowledge, are better served by the causal relationship between photography and the perceived reality of our human existence, my intention is to examine the truth-value of the medium in our modern, information saturated age and whether the medium can be used to subvert its own authority within the context of society's continuing confidence in photography's ability to represent the real world. 

From the series  Little Town of the Fishes

From the series Little Town of the Fishes

Where did you attend university? I attended Hereford College of Arts between 2011 and 2014 where I studied for an FDA in Commercial photography and then completing the final year as a BA in Photography. 

From the series  Periodic Observations

From the series Periodic Observations

What are some standout moments from your time at university? For me there was no one stand-out moment within my time at university. I enjoyed my time there immensely and within a few days of attending realised that photography and the arts was something which I want to spend the rest of my life doing. 

Which photographic genre do you consider your work to fall into? That's a difficult question to answer! I suppose if I'd have to put a genre to my work it would primarily fall into street photography but by no means do I see it in the traditional sense of the street photographer à la Garry Winogrand. I feel it's more an observation of the environment that we as humans find ourselves in. Saying this I constantly get ideas pop into my head and think, “How can I communicate this elegantly and effectively to an audience”. The vast majority of these ideas fall far short but occasional one does get through and makes it to fruition. This is the other side of my practice. The more thought out, considered side. 

From the series  Construction Archives, Esthétique

From the series Construction Archives, Esthétique

From the series  The Game of Number Plates

From the series The Game of Number Plates

What are the biggest influences on your photography? Another difficult question! This can change from day to day, week to week. At the moment I'm inspired by the modernist architectural forms of Le Corbusier, The Smithson's and Sir Basil Spence but photographically the work of William Eggleston, Philip-Lorca diCorcia and Paul Graham have stayed with me throughout. Paul Graham's work especially. 

Tell us about any commercial work you have undertaken. This has been rather varied but as well as doing the obligatory weddings (something I have wound down in recent months) the majority of my commercial work has been for the portfolios and promotional literature of other artists and private views. I did photograph a boxing tournament once which was an interesting experience.