Ameena Rojee

I chose Ameena’s work because of her clear confidence in an idea, seeing the project through and executing it so well with a great series of images. Why would you not want to see what it’s like at Kung Fu school? I imagine we’d all have our impressions of the process, and to have her first hand look at people that have travelled to become students is fascinating. There’s no bullshit with this project either, for me that is important, and that certainly comes across.

Images from the series  Hard Work

Images from the series Hard Work

Matt MacPake

Matt’s work is very solid and graphically interesting, and To & from the North Circular is a very appealing body of work. An A-road could be considered a rather unusual starting point for a project, however, it’s testament to taking a relatively simple idea and allowing it to flourish into a great selection of photographs - the behemoth lump that is 27.5 miles of concrete anchors the work to a geographical location for the audience to understand and relate to, tying it together and resulting in a wonderful series.

Images from the series  To & from the North Circular

Images from the series To & from the North Circular

Tom Illsley

Admittedly I’m a sucker for square format, however, I’ve picked Tom’s work because it’s another great example of taking a quite simple yet intelligent starting point and turning this into a very solid body of work. It’s an interesting method for comparing and exploring three countries, and the work is appealing from topographical, scientific and artistic perspectives. The mathematics here have dictated the locations and he has responded rather well with the resulting work produced. Surely this should continue though…only 192 countries to go Tom.

Images from the series  Meridian

Images from the series Meridian