Laura Dow

Selected by Sarah French

"Laura’s project caught my eye with its eclectic mix of imagery and a clear defined, narrative. Flock documents the relationship between humans and avians. However, in doing so questions our actual connection to the natural world; so often it is mediated through collected objects, photographs, or man-made constructions. What is more important - the desire to be at one with nature or the impulse to find and collect?"

University: The University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh College of Art)


Artist Statement: Whether it be through the lens, the hide, the viewpoint or the artefact, our experience of nature is rarely natural: human’s touch is never far away and our experiences with nature are often facilitated.

Flock is a study of the fascination and the construction of idealised realities. Looking at the relationship between humans and avians, Flock tries to understand the value inherent in the mediated experience.

Drawn to the idea and the beauty of birds, we seek them out. This series brings into question whether the methods in which we try to connect with birds — or their ideal — will ever satisfy our insatiable need to find, to collect and to acquire.

Images from the series  Flock

Images from the series Flock