We asked a selection of final year Photography students at London College of Communication to show us their degree projects and share their course and Private View experiences. Here's what they had to show us.

Degree Show Review

The LCC BA photography degree show featured the work of the 92 students on the course. We feel that the show was well coordinated considering the amount of work that needed to fit into the relatively small space. Groups of students in each area met and discussed how their work would be placed in the space. We worked together to curate an area that would make it feel interesting and intriguing for the viewers. The online promotion was very useful and effective. Using Instagram and Facebook we managed to create hype about the show online, and the tutors contacts with people working in the industry also proved to be useful. The private view on the 26th was the busiest and thousands of people came in within the 6 - 10 pm slot.

What piece of advice would you give to the next group of final year Photography students?

Plan the installation well in advance. In one of the installation groups we did all we could to plan the design and layout of the room, however we really needed help from the technicians earlier in order to properly carry out tests of the installation. Ask the tutors to organise this sooner. As a group we would also say have the courage and self-belief to pursue your projects and do it whole heartedly.

What have been some standout moments from your final year?

Laurel Turton took part in an opportunity that was advertised via the SU in which she created an installation for the RA Lates programme. It was brilliant to be able to see how the public audience would react to her work in comparison to her peers at university. 

Is there anything important that your final year taught you all?

It’s important to be very well prepared and put a lot of thought into your work. University helps you develop and refine your ideas but it is important to continue working on after your studies, carry on and maintain that aesthetic. It is crucial to make important contacts and connections relevant to your work before you graduate and be in touch with your tutors during and after the course.