Luke Hurlock

Selected by Verity Adriana

"Strong visual language and technical skill making the symbolism in the work salient to the viewer."

University: University of Westminster


Artist Statement: The word Tokamak comes from the Russian Toroidalnaya Kamera I Magnitnaya Katushka (Toroidal Chamber and Magnetic Coil) and is in reference to the fusion devices used by ITER and the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, two leading fusion energy experiments. The images in this project aim to both intrigue and inform the viewer on the progress of a future technology that promises to solve one of humanity’s biggest problems, clean renewable energy production. Within a tokamak every component is millimetre perfect. When maintenance is carried out inside their vacuum chambers it is done using robot arms and remote handling. Outside of this inner core however, there is no need to preserve this level of precision. Outside is a view of apparent chaos as many years of research and engineering comes together to further human understanding.

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Images from the series  Tokamak Fusion

Images from the series Tokamak Fusion