Miguel Proença

Selected by Verity Adriana

"Fascinating subject which could have alienated the viewer but is made intriguing and engaging through good use of visual language and framing."

University: University of South Wales


Artist Statement: Known as “The Buzzer”, the Russian Western Military radio network operates emitting codewords to synch military outposts along the western border. For centuries, the Baltic flatlands settle a buffer zone pushing outward Russia’s expansion. Today, the Baltic states belong to western world, still ripples from the past remain. Russia consistently sought to maintain its influence among numerous compatriots living within its former territories. As the information warfare escalates amidst Russia and the West, the project explores tensions between politics and complexities of living shaped through memories of the past. “The Buzzer” offers fragments of a confrontation based on a ubiquitous suspicion that urges to surveil and control the territory, but also endures the image of military might into the collective minds.

Images from the series  The Buzzer

Images from the series The Buzzer