Joanne Coates

"I was drawn to Coates’ work through a mutual love and understanding of the connection one can have with the natural world. Citing Robert McFarlane as a key inspiration behind the work, there is a definite convergence between Coates images and McFarlanes text. McFarlane is an important catalyst in the understanding and appreciatation of the English landscape, and Coates’ images aide in translating that visually. The success of Liznojan lies in the unknown; there’s a lot to be said for the act of simply walking with a camera and allowing room for the unexpected."

Images from the series  Liznojan

Images from the series Liznojan


caitlin chescoe

"A beautifully intimate and personal response to interactions with the selfless, Chescoe's work lays emphasis on the hidden identities of volunteers. The way in which Chescoe has represented this in her photographs is intriguing; eyes shut, backs turned and heads cropped, immersed in their environment. I find the image of the solitary chair particularly poignant, as a direct response to Checoe's frustrations towards the councils funding cuts for the volunteers on the Somerset Levels. "

Images from the series  Volunteer

Images from the series Volunteer


james allen

"Moments of hope and promise of a brighter future are disrupted by images depicting stark, damaged landscapes. This interplay of positive and negative imagery is an intelligent visual tool as Allen delves into the turbulent past and incredibly uncertain future of Georgia. It’s refreshing to see graduates embracing the traditional styles of photographic practice and shining a light on what is perhaps a fairly unknown story. Also, for any photography graduates scratching their heads and in need of some advice and tough love – cast your eyes over Allens’ answer to the last question on this feature! Never a truer word…"

Images from the series  Land of Wolves

Images from the series Land of Wolves