Paula Tollett

Selected by Miriam Winsor

University: University for the Creative Arts

Artist StatementInbetween explores the bond between mother and daughter. With the series focus being primarily on the relationship between space and emotions, the series takes place in the domestic setting of the family home. In the work, intimacy is met with a sense of distance showing the complexity to the relationship through a series of intimate portraits. It was the sense of conflicting emotions which drew the project forward. Aiming to come to no conclusion but rather to understand more about the relationship, it explores the relationship together as well as separate. The work also aims to share ideas on how environments can have an impact on ourselves. 

The photographic series takes on a documentary approach but also explores ideas of narrative. The images are presented in the form of singular images as well as a handmade publication which weaves together the narrative of the relationship creating an intimate viewing in the form of a diary. 

Images from the series  Inbetween

Images from the series Inbetween