Adam Hurst, Overbearing Virtues


Judit Sánchez, Beinn Eighe NNR


Natalia Poniatowska, Celebration


Amy Pezzin, Garden of Extinction

Elise Wootten, Somewhat Confusing


Emma Pearce, Permanently Transient

Alice Dempsey ,  Goodnight God Bless

Alice Dempsey, Goodnight God Bless

Jodie Butler, Strength


Michael Morgan, A Separation of Truth

Penelope Lee, Potential

Matilda Hallander, Fornminnet


Kathy Anne Lim, Where salt meets the ice


Matilda Hallander, Cotton Castle


Chloe Davies, Familiar

Madison Seabrook ,  Faith in the Divine

Madison Seabrook, Faith in the Divine


Daniel White, Tales of the unearthly


Ryan Smith, Southern Reach


Marianne van Loo, Burgers and Noodles

Adam Deakin, Paddle your own Canoe