Divided - Alinne Rezende


Divided - Alinne Rezende


Exclusive to Photograd


Artist: Alinne Rezende

Size: 200x250mm / 9.84/7.87"

Printing and paper: Digital print -  RC photographic paper. Unframed.

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In 1974, after a coup attempt by the Greek Military Junta, Turkey invaded the island of Cyprus and since then the country has been divided. The Greek Cypriot population was expelled from the occupied northern part of the island and the Turkish Cypriot population, were displaced from the south to the north . 
Divided is a photographic essay on Cyprus, where the aesthetics of its landscapes brings to the discussion the current reality of a physically divided country although the visual language reminds us how the island still whole on its own nature. 
The images are thought in pairs even though they are two distinct photographs. Like the country, the two images exemplify the concept of something physically divided, intentionally. While the content of the images brings out its aesthetic similarities, its essence and its quest to be whole again, to remind ourselves that despite our differences, our nature is similar and that we are connected, in a certain way.