Amy Romer

I was really struck by how Amy approached the difficult issue of modern slavery in the UK. Grappling with how to deal with a clandestine topic, she chose to shoot the locations and neighbourhoods of the cases that have made it into the media. Quiet, suburban, familiar landscapes bring the issue close to home, situating these atrocities right on our doorsteps. I think it’s a very fitting starting point to draw attention to, and represent, a somewhat cloaked subject that is hidden from mainstream consciousness. 

Images from the series  The Dark Figure *

Images from the series The Dark Figure*

Kotryna Ula Kiliulyte

I like the idea of starting a dialogue between two different eras, spanning diverse geographies and political regimes, in Kotryna’s series In Silver. Aside from the historical fascination of bouncing between past and present, the project above all feels like a personal conversation between father and daughter, with photography playing the magical act of allowing Kotryna to share memories across time. 

Images from the series  In Silver

Images from the series In Silver

Arron Hansford

The affective relationship between sound and image in Arron’s series Father Please was what drew me to this project. Translating images of a figure – face obscured by gifts given to him by a disinterested father – into short soundscapes, Arron gives his photographs a ‘voice’ that makes us think about communication (or a lack of it). 

From the series  Father Please

From the series Father Please