We asked the final year Photography, Video and Digital Imaging students at the University of Sunderland to show us their degree projects and share their Private View expectations. Here's what they had to show us.

What are your Degree show expectations?

We have such high expectations for the Emergence degree show because we have worked so hard for this to be fantastic. Aptly named, Emergence is a group of creatives who are finalising their degree’s together. We don't have a running theme through every contributors work as everyone’s work is so individual and unique in its own right, however, one thing that unites all of us together is that we have completed our degree and organised this show together. Overall, the degree show has given us an opportunity to work as a group to each do what we are confident in doing as well as posing challenges to overcome through organisation and diplomacy.

What piece of advice would you give to the next group of final year Photography students?

One piece of advice that will be absolute gold for students going into their final year in photography would be to plan ahead and to organise yourself and your project. End second year knowing vaguely what you want to explore for your third year and start collecting resources and putting money aside - having too much is NEVER a bad thing, having too little is when you start to worry. Do your research and enjoy yourself because it will be what you make of it.

What do you think the group has enjoyed most about the course?

One thing that has been consistently present throughout the course is the freedom given to those who have a place on it. On our course there is so much flexibility and encouragement for experimentation. This freedom, coupled with the very honest and constructive critique we are able to receive from a wide array of incredibly talented lecturers and technicians. On top of all of this, the University of Sunderland has some of the most fantastic available facilities ranging from the resources at the campus library to the equipment available at the Northern Centre of Photography.

Is anyone in the group working outside their comfort zone and displaying their work in a unique way?

In some sense, everyone is working outside of their comfort zone. Aside from our site specific exhibition in second year this is the first time that we have funded and created an entire exhibition ourselves. This exhibition is such an important night for all of us that the comfort zone seems to have disappeared entirely. With regards to people displaying work in unique ways we have some very interesting work ranging from lightbox installations, video art to framed prints.