Features terms and conditions

Please ensure you agree to the following points before contacting us to create a Feature.

Submissions to photogradsub@gmail.com.

  • Each photographer must initially send a maximum of 20 JPG images at 96dpi.

  • A series description of no more than 150 words should be supplied.

  • A website link and relevant social media handles should be included, alongside University and graduation year.


  • Features are free and open to photography graduates from UK based university courses only. No exceptions.

  • Images will not be accepted onto the website if questions gain no response.

  • Information provided is the sole responsibility of the photographer but Photograd retains the right to rectify any minor grammatical errors. It’s recommended interviews are proofread prior to submission. If we incorrectly change a word or phrase, please contact us.

  • Copyright of all images submitted will be owned by the photographer.

  • Photograd retains the right to use submitted images for the intended purpose of the website, and related social media accounts for promotion. Credit will always be given.

  • Photograd Features can be amended or taken down with a clear request from the photographer at any time.

  • Photographers featured with Photograd will receive a 10% discount code to the Photograd shop.

  • Photographers featured with Photograd will become part of the community and will be notified of exclusive opportunities via email.

Due to the high number of submissions not every graduate who is interested in being featured will have the opportunity to create one. Those who do create a Feature with Photograd will be added to the upload schedule and interviews will be released onto the platform in due course.