VIP donators

Please ensure you agree to the following terms and conditions before signing up to be a VIP donator to Photograd.

Enquiries and subscriptions via or the form below.

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  • All VIP donors are required to pay their selected amount for 6 months.

  • A specific date in the month can be selected by donors for when their donation will be sent to us.

  • Specific amounts can be selected from the previous page or an alternative amount can be requested.

  • Refunds can only be given on the last donation but not any months donation prior to that.

  • All VIP donors will be added to the Photograd mailing list and will receive a promotional box in the post for free which will include Photograd themed items - these boxes may vary from time to time.

  • All VIP donors will receive free copies of all new issues of PGZ which are released within the 6 month sign up period.

  • Monthly donations can be stopped at any time.

  • At the end of the 6 month sign up period VIP donors will receive an email asking if they would like to continue their subscription. If continuing, another box will not be sent out but will continue to receive free copies of PGZ for the next 6 month period.

  • VIP donations can be made to Photograd on a monthly basis via PayPal, Stripe, or Direct Debit only. We are also happy to send out monthly invoices.

  • Invoices and receipts can be issued on request and these can be backdated for up to 6 months.

  • All donations received at Photograd stay within the company to contribute towards lowering costs for selected photographers for different projects. If costs to photographers can be lowered enough then donations will be used towards website subscription fees and the production of a regular newsletter.