Vera Hadzhiyska

A 2019 Highly Commended MA Photography graduate selected by Photograd.

University: University of Portsmouth


Artist Statement: Vera Hadzhiyska is a Bulgarian multi-disciplinary artist based in England. She works with photography, audio and video installations. Vera’s work explores past and present historic and political events in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Her latest series With the Name of a Flower, investigates the forced name changes of the Bulgarian Muslim population in Bulgaria.

Verais interested in how these historical events have affected the cultural, religious and national identity of these people and their descendants. How memories have been preserved or purposefully omitted from family narratives, resulting in a shift of identity and sense of belonging of the younger generations.

The project consists of a self-portrait series, two video pieces, a sound installation and archival documents.

hadzhiyska_14_video 2 still.jpg
hadzhiyska_07 (1).jpg
hadzhiyska_15_archive doc.jpg