xinyi liu

A 2019 Highly Commended MA Photography graduate selected by Photograd.

University: University for The Creative Arts


Artist Statement: Plato said: "People were hermaphrodites until God split them in two, and now all the halves wander the world over seeking one another," How do we know that another part is not yourself? For this question, Xin tries to use the mirror and let them gazing themselves, she gives people a chance to reunderstand themselves and find something new from the heart to let them get unified.

Working with the mirror is a continue and personal work for Xin. She tries to discuss the relationship between photographer, model and viewer through the mirror; and she also brings the confit in her work to think about "the other", complete and incomplete, peaceful and weird.

She decides to find another simple way to show the fashion, and also she tries to use a different way to have communication with her viewers. She created a huge space and put loads of details in her images to let viewers slow down and start thinking about what she thinks.

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